Not Cheating, I Swear

Some new yarn came in from Sundara. Now, I know I said I was going on a yarn diet, but I promise I’m not cheating since I technically ordered this before the start of my diet.

This is their Sport Merino Two base in Summer Shadows, Morning Light, and End of Summer. I really liked that the inspiration for these colors was the art of Monet. Tis collection was Sundara’s August colors.

I don’t just love the three colors together like I thought I would, but I think that once I knit with them, they’ll blend a little bit better.

I am planning to make the Color Affection shawl (aka the shawl everyone and their mother on Ravelry has knit). I think the narrowness of the stripes will work well with these colors together. At least, I hope so.

New Image


My Pretties!

My yarn from Sundara finally came in! It’s so soft and the colors are gorgeous and deep. I got the Aran Silky Merino in Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Drop. And look at the adorable kitty tag!

image_1I think I’m going to make hats with them because I saw a pattern where someone made two hats from the same yarns (just different colors) and they’re really cute. The pattern is Escargot and the two skeins should be enough for two hats, one in Raspberry with Lemon trim and the other in Lemon with Raspberry trim.

C’mon, Stop

Sundara Yarn has done it again this month. Two, brand new, gorgeous colors and a bonus blended version of the two.

The June colors are Cool Mint and Delicate blossom. The third option is Delicate Blossom over Cool Mint. I want all 3!

I’m still waiting on my May yarns from Sundara to arrive so it would be a bad idea to order more right…

Cool Mint fingering silky cashmere

Delicate Blossom fingering silky cashmere

Delicate Blossom over Cool Mint fingering silky cashmere

Yarn Clubs

A discussion at knit night led me to a new discovery: yarn clubs.

  • YarnBox – There’s a new company starting a yarn-of-the-month club, called YarnBox. Basically, each month they are planning to send out a few skeins of yarn from an indie company. The idea being that it creates exposure for the small companies you might not hear of otherwise. You have no clue about the colors or fiber content you will receive. You only option’s are Not to Small and Not to Big, if you wanted to rule out lace or bulky weights. I tried to get a subscription for May, but they were sold out. I’m hoping to get in the June batch. If you visit the Ravelry page for the group, some people have started posting pictures of the May box. I think it’ll be an interesting concept.
  • Magnolia Society– Madelinetosh offers two club options. The Yarn Club is a subscription that sends you a sampling of yarns every month. You sign up, choose your color scheme (Jewel Tones, Neutrals, or Naturals) and then for three months you’ll receive a few skeins of yarn. The other option is the Sweater Club. This is kind of a way to do a payment plan on a sweater’s worth of yarn. You pay by the month, and they’ll send you enough yarn to complete a sweater in increments. In the end, you’ll have enough yarn for three sweaters. You do get to choose the exact colors that you want for each.
  • KnitCrate – These packages include a pattern, enough yarn to complete it, plus a few extra goodies. You can customize by either getting a Baby, Sock, Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced, Indie, or Mini kit, which will determine the types of projects and yarn included. Project examples include a hot water bottle and cover (April 2013) and a starter kit for the BeeKeeper Quilt (aka The Blanket Everyone’s Making). I think this is interesting and, if I attempt the Beekeeper it may be with their hit. However, I’m not sure I would want to subscribe because you never know what the project will be. For example, I really would have no desire for a hot water bottle and cover. But if you’re an all-encompassing knitter, this sounds like a great club.
  • Yarn-of-the-Month ClubThis club sends you two partial skeins of yarn every month. The idea is to knit a 5×5 square of each and you could piece them all together.
  • Sundara – With the Sock Club, you receive 3 skeins of yarn in different bases that you can pay for in installments. They have some seriously gorgeous yarn that I posted about recently.
  • Etsy – A search for “yarn club” will bring up indie run yarn subscriptions for handspuns.

Yarny Goodness

(Alternately titled Yarn Porn)

Knit night put me in a very knitty mood. I can’t knit at work, but I am stuck in front of a computer at work so my compromise is to look at patterns and yarn online.

Today I got on a kick about yarn-of-the-month clubs. I’ll probably do another post on it later, so I’ll leave that topic for now. What I want to talk about is this tasty sexy gorgeous yarn I found from Sundara.

The colors are gorgeous and the textures look absolutely pet-able. And, to make matters worse, their named after food. Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Drop. Is anyone else’s mouth watering yet?

The colors run until May 31 and are available in a variety of yarn weights and fibers. Although that $70 a skein cashmere calls to me, I will probably have to me more realistic and go for the $19 merino. I think $70 would be more than I’ve ever paid for a skein of yarn. By all means though, you should totally get it, knit it up, and give me the product.