A Gradient Thing

I finished my gradient yarn I mentioned earlier, got it plied, and washed. I was able to maintain the color changes so well. While this is not the softest yarn (its Corriedale, so that’s to be expected) but the evenness of my spinning has improved so much, and the colors are so pretty, I can’t be too concerned about that.

Plied and resting

Plied and resting


Finished skein

Finished skein



At the Wheel

I am trying my hand at some gradient yarn spinning. I got this gorgeous fiber from Fiber Artemis on Etsy. I thought to split the roving and evenly down the middle as I could, then spin each one so that, hopefully, when I go to ply, the colors changes will be maintained. Since starting this, I have learned that I could have done a chain ply but… whatever.

This is, by far, my most even single I have spun yet. It’s still a long way from truly even but I’m pleased with my project. It is also the thinnest I have spun. The singles are still looking rather fuzzy but maybe that is the fiber? It’s a Romney, I believe, which I’ve read is a rougher, fuzzier wool.

I finished one bobbin last night and I have already started the second. I am really excited to see how this turns out so that I can figure out what to make with it.

photo 5 photo 4

A Brief Post and a Brief Sock

I have had ideas for so may posts here, I even have pictures taken of so much yarn. Sadly, being busy, having migraines, reading, yarn crawling, and (yes) actual knitting has kept me away from the blog. So I just wanted to briefly share the tiny sock I knit. It is rather poorly knit as I wasn’t in much of a mood to follow directions I had to read. But it’s a sock, and it has been placed on the little blocker and pinned to my craft room bulletin board. I got the supplies and pattern as part of a Wee Tiny Sock kit on Etsy, however I can no longer find any available. The designer is Meg Bakewell, who has cooked up some really creative variations on the Wee Tiny sock. I have another blocker from her that I will have to use eventually. I think the yarn is Silk Cloud by Shibui Knits . 

There is actual a circle cut out of the blocker with a strand of decorative beads across it but my sock came out too tall and covers it up.


Nifty Gifties

The lovely Aisling from my knitting group surprised me on Tuesday with two awesome graduation gifts. The first being a hank of her handspun (the color is Flannel Shirt). The second was a ball of some super soft and squishy silk/wool blend fiber. It’s so nice I want to save it for once I have gained some spinning skills and won’t mangle it.

I don’t have a project planned for the yarn quite yet so I’ve just been admiring it since Tuesday. Perhaps a hat…

Thank you, Aisling!

photo 5 photo 4

Finished Project: Escargot Hat

I finished this hat the other day and it has already been given to my coworker. She is having a rough time right now because he kitty is sick and I thought it would look good on her.

I did have to stretch my skills just a little to make this one because it uses a cable cast on, which I hadn’t done before. I really like how it turned out. It is knit all as one piece, which was great. I did have one issue that is concerning, the red dye ran when  rinsed it. The color coming off was so bad that my hands turned pink as I knit. If anyone has tips for how to handle this in the future, I’d be happy to hear them, because the yellow did get kind of stained.

The yarn is Sundara’s Aran Silky Merino in Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Drop. The pattern is Escargot by Veronica Parsons, which is available for free. It’s escargot because of the snail like pattern on the hat (escargot is French for snail).

I have yarn left over from this that is enough to make another version of the hat with the colors reversed, but I may do a different pattern.


image_1 image


Finished Projects: Christmas Afghan

I wanted to show off a blanket I made for my grandmother this past Christmas. I started knitting around the end of October and bound off the last stitch on Christmas Eve, just in time to wrap it. It was knit was 4 strands of Berroco Vintage DK held together. The colors are Paprika and Black Cherry. I essentially made the pattern up. It’s just stockinette with a garter stitch border. I started with 2 strands of color A and 2 of color B for twelve inches, then 4 stands of Color A, 2 strands of color A and 2 of color B again, then 4 strands of color B and so on. It was incredibly simple yet turned out really beautiful, thanks to the rich colors and squishy yarn. I used size 17 needles so that I could get it done as fast as possible. The finished blanket measures 40×60 inches.

New Projects

Why is it when I:

  1.  have several projects on the needles
  2. Have materials purchased for multiple future projects
  3. Need to be reading, not knitting, for reviews I have to write
  4. Still have two major papers for grad school due

Do I constantly look for new projects to knit that would require buying more yarn?

Here’s the progression my thoughts have taken. I was chatting with a friend about the Turtle Cardigan I just finished and she expressed that she would love more hand-knits for her kiddos.  I adore her children so I am more than happy to oblige. Besides, I have already had a project for her daughter picked out.

Anya turns 3 in January and I was thinking of making the Sweet Tee pattern for her from some extra red yarn I have that was left after I finished my grandmother’s Christmas blanket. I love the Berroco Vintage DK and how it works up, and the Cherry red is perfect for a little sweater tee. Not to mention, she would get it as a birthday gift plus be able to wear it for Valentine’s.

So I have that planned out, and have for awhile. However, it got me thinking that her son’s birthday is coming in September, so I really should pick out something for him. I have the Berocco Comfort DK yarn that I selected for a hoodie. The hoodie was originally going to be for the future baby that will now be receiving the Turtle set, but outstanding circumstances with the yarn store I ordered from (see my post Disappointing) have made it to where I don’t have enough yarn. I could still get it in time for the hoodie for Roman’s 1st. The pattern I like is Little Hoodlum.

So far, so good. Right? I’m planning projects to use up the yarn I already have and covering gifting occasions. Well, while looking around on Ravelry, I looked through my project notebook. Now, I’m not great about updating it (at all) and I had a project in there that I ended up frogging. My Mom knit this awesome, plush, basket weave baby blanket that I am very envious of. It made me want to knit one even though her’s is intended for my future child (someday, maybe). So I found a pattern and I had decided I should knit it in a nice, soft yellow.  I went to a major chain store for yarn (I wasn’t quite an LYS convert yet) and found the color I wanted. I got it home and started knitting but was very unsatisfied with the start. The yarn was very splitty and looked cheap when knit up. So I decided to try a local yarn store for something better. The shop didn’t really have the color I was picturing. Everything was too dark, dingy, or bright. I settled on some Wendy Peter Pan Velvet Touch yarn because the store owner basically talked me into it. I didn’t think she really had enough in stock, but she swore it would be. I wasn’t crazy about the texture of the yarn, even though it’s soft, because it’s kind of a fuzzy ribbon. I knit the border and half of the first row of squares before deciding that it wasn’t making the thick, defined pattern that I had envied about my Mom’s.

Disheartened, I gave up on the blanket. However, now I’m thinking I might like to give it another shot with a different yarn. I want something like this.

But I really don’t need to go yarn shopping. Right? RIGHT?

Someone stop me…