Modeling the new hat

Modeling the new hat

Yesterday I got to take the rainbow hat I made over to Toni for her kids. I had intended the hat for Roman, but knew it came out a little big. Luckily, it does fit him if the brim is rolled over, so that’s fantastic. The plus side is that the hat also fits his big sister, Anya, and she loved it. She even proclaimed “cute hat” when she saw it and then amused herself by taking it on and off and putting it on the baby. Toni was really excited about it as well. It’s always great to give a handmade gift to someone who really appreciates it.


The pictures were the best I could do with her wiggling and eating, but I think the blurry one is rather charming.

Attempting to feed crackers to the cat

Attempting to feed crackers to the cat


Dessert Yarn: Part 3- The Product

I started a hat from the rainbow shade yarns I dyed with the Kool-Aid. I started with the Helix Striped Hat by Corrie Purdum but ended up significantly changing it. I did six rows of ribbing, two purl ridges in each color, and then 3 rows in the white. The rainbow yarn is my Cestari that I died and the white was some that I dug out of my stash. I think it is some variety of Dark Horse but I don’t remember.

I think the hat turned out too big for the baby it is for but he’ll grow into it. His mom saw the photo tonight and was very excited about this being his hat for spring.

Roman's Rainbow Hat

Roman’s Rainbow Hat

A few more things about dyeing with Kool-Aid:

  • The process smells delicious but don’t actually taste it (not that you would), because it is terribly bitter without the added sugar and in such a concentrated form. (not that anyone would taste it… I certainly didn’t). 
  • I ended up dyeing the purple and indigo a second time because I wasn’t happy with the final colors. The indigo is still patchy, but not bad.
  • You can microwave wool. Who knew? Not me.
  • Microwaving wool in a dye soak on and off for several hours will make your microwave nice and steamy, which is great for stuck on gunk. My microwave is nice and clean now.



Dessert Yarn

A year ago or so, I learned you can dye natural fiber yarn using Jello-o mix. I’m incredibly intrigued by this idea. My thought is to buy a hefty skein of undyed wool, divide it into a few small hanks, and dye each with a different color. Then knit it into a silly striped baby hat.
Although, maybe it would be smarter to leave it as one hank and just stripe it with the dye?

This thought seems to fit my weird desire to make rainbow colored things lately. I checked out a knitting book from the library (Classic Knits) and the only pattern I cared for was a rainbow mohair scarf. I don’t see myself ever wearing a rainbow scarf, but I’d really like to make one. By the way, it is a rather lovely book with lots of helpful information and plenty of basic patterns, it just didn’t catch my eye.

I also want to crochet some rainbow, crocodile stitch, baby booties that I downloaded.

Maybe I’m just needing some cheery color in my life.