Shut-in Knitting

A couple of weeks ago, the DFW area was hit with an ice storm. Being Texas who only experience ice every few years, we were dreadfully unprepared. Roads were terrible and everyone got stranded at home. It took about 3 days for another city to send us trucks to use to clear the roads. My power at my house went out and, when I attempted to go to work in the morning, my car got stuck on the ice one street from my house. My dad and brother-in-law came and rescued me and took me and the dog to my parents house to stay until my power returned. It took about 24 hours to get repaired and, even then, my heater still wasn’t working.

The result was spending 2 days at my parents’ house, along with my two nephews (ages 6 and 10) and my 13 year old niece (who is pretty awesome for her age, I think). I had, of course, packed copious amounts of knitting.

My ice storm cast-on’s were…

The Honey Cowl in Miss Babs Northumbria DK. The color is Jack’s Frost. This was the November Knitcrate yarn and I adore it. The pattern is simple and easy and makes a really nice texture.

photo 4 photo 5

I also did the unthinkable and cast on (gasp) a sock! I’m decidedly not a sock knitter but the handspun yarn I had from Micki inspired me to try. Since I was not at home, and my mom doesn’t have a swift, I had to have my mother hold the hank of yarn while I wound 450 yards (give or take) by hand. The result was that I got to cast on and knit a fair amount of a sock.

photo 3My favorite part of the weekend was that my 6 year old nephew (who is normally a very active and wild little boy) saw me knitting and said “I could do that”. After a brief lesson, we had him knitting away on a his own little project. He did fairly well with it. He doesn’t quite have the dexterity to pull the yarn through and slip the old stitch off like he needs to, but he figured out that he could just lift the old stitch over and off by hand. I was incredibly proud, even if it meant that I had to stop my own knitting to cast on and off for him every so often. He knit “bracelets” for everyone in the room.

photo 10 photo 20 photo 30

photo 40


I Don’t Even Knit Socks…

So why am I picking out sock patterns?

And buying yarn?

And wondering if I have the right needles?

Why am I making all the plans for socks?

Especially since I know that I will get SSS (second sock syndrome) and never complete the second sock.

To make matters worse, my only attempt at knitting socks ended in the ankle and heel with no gusset or foot.

And since I don’t even wear socks except in the coldest winter times (which is rare in Texas).

The only justification I can find is that these are darn cute socks.

I bought yarn to do them in black and white with pink hearts.

The yarn I chose is ShibuiKnits Sock in Abyss, Ivory, and Blush.

Love Sock by Devon Clement


The yarn arrived. It is very soft and squishy. If I’m going to knit socks, at least I’ll be doing it with great yarn. My colors will be different than the example photo, but I think I’ll like them.

photo 3


Since I completed the star hat, I needed a new project to cast on. Not that I didn’t already have two on the needles, but I’m not loving those, so I wanted something different.

I went into the craft room (a.k.a yarn room) to get some inspiration. I’ve had this Debbie Macomber Blossom Street yarn hanging around for awhile that I intend to make a little cardigan out of. The color is called Juneau, but it is basically gray with bits of teal. When I bought it, I fantasized about a baby sized cardigan with teal buttons. I went in to retrieve the yarn and some needles and what did I see…

It's so pretty and spring colored

It’s so pretty and spring colored

Marsh Grass silk and rayon twist.

Marsh Grass silk and rayon twist.

My Blue Heron silk and rayon twist yarn in Marshlands. It’s so beautiful and silky and shiny, it just drew me in. I didn’t have a pattern picked out so I ended up spending most of the day hunting for patterns on Ravelry, and not actually knitting. I do this fairly often.

According to the tag (and the Ravelry page for the yarn), it’s an Aran weight. So I was looking for patterns that would work. After casting on a scarf on size 7 needles, I realized something was off. The texture was coming out far too loose. I ended up comparing the yarn to the Blossom Street yarn (which is a DK) and realizing it was lighter than that. I decided to treat it as a lighter yearn (more like fingering) and look for patterns accordingly. By the time I actually found one that might work, it was nearly bedtime and I didn’t really feel like knitting.

Oh temptation, how you distract me.

Pay Day is Yarn Day

So I got paid and was off work today so I decided to go yarn shopping. My plan was to get yarn to make a witch pattern from the book Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards, and Fairies that I have.

I’m using the witch

I needed to get some flesh toned DK yarn and something for the dress- ideally purple. I ended up at Madtosh in Fort Worth and got some of the Tosh DK to use in Fawn (for the skin) and a purple for the clothing. I wanted to do more colors so that the different clothing items wouldn’t all be the same color, and I wanted a blond/brown for the hair, but at about $18 a skein, it wasn’t happening. Once I make it to that point, I can probably pick up some other DK yarn for hair and accents that costs less.

Then I needed some needles, but I had forgotten to bring the pattern book and I wasn’t sure which I needed, DPN or straight. So, I bought both, just in case. With all the needles I have at home, I didn’t have any smaller than a size 4.

Of course, I also picked up a few other yarns. I couldn’t resist the brilliant, bright colors of the SweetGeorgia sock yarn. I don’t even knit socks. I tried it once… It was going fine but I absolutely hated the tiny needles, tiny yarn, and tiny stitches. I have been feet, it would’ve taken me years to finish those. I might use this to experiment with the two-at-a-time socks. That, I might actually do.

The Scrumptious yarn was, exactly that, scrumptious. I couldn’t resist the silky, rich purple. I bought two skeins to give me more options for what to make with it.

The Manos del Uruguay called to me because it’s kind of different. It’ll probably end up as a Boho style hat like my Malabrigo did.

All in all, I spent far more than I planned. I told myself I would only spend that much if I found the colors of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that I wanted to make a rainbow scarf. They didn’t have any, but I still managed to spend a ton.

I cast on the leg of the witch doll tonight, but I can tell this is going to be slow going. There’s a lot of little pieces and lots of making up. It only seems appropriate to make myself a little purple-garbed witch to match the blog. 🙂 However, I am also working on a hat right now that I’m really enjoying, so it will probably be my primary focus.