Yarn Club September

My Paradise Fibers Yarn Club box for September came in. The yarn for this month is Crazyfoot in Poppy Trail from Mountain Colors. The colors are gorgeous for fall, although I have no idea what to make with it. I still haven’t finished last month’s project. The additional item this month was some nice goat’s milk soap. Actually, the smell as so strong from the lavender soap that I could smell it as soon as I opened the mailbox. I am typically allergic to handmade soaps (especially highly scented ones) so I won’t be bathing with it. However, I did tuck the bar into my yarn closet in hopes that the lovely scent will permeate the yarn (and also repel bugs).

Crazyfoot in Poppy Trail

Crazyfoot in Poppy Trail


August Yarnbox – Meh

After two months of being very disappointed by my Yarnbox subscription, my final order came it. It’s… ok. The brand is Mountain Colors and the Yarn is Mountain Fusion Teton in the color Sky. It’s a big chunky yarn that I have no immediate plans for, but at least it isn’t novelty yarn like last month, or a hideous color like the month before. It still wasn’t enough to convince me to re-up my subscription.

Excuse my terrible, darkly lit picture

Excuse my terrible, darkly lit picture


Paradise Fibers Yarn Club – August

My yarn club shipment arrived from Paradise Fibers today, sooner than expected. I didn’t realize it had even shipped yet. This is my second month in the club and I am very pleased with their selection again this month. This yarn is called Bearfoot and it is by Mountain Colors. The color is Lilac. This is a fingering weight yarn. The package also came with a little notions case and a pattern for fingerless gloves. I am not that big of a fan of fingerless gloves, but I already have a pair half done, so I will probably find another pattern. I love the color of this yarn and I look forward to making something. By the way, look at the adorable tissue paper it came wrapped in. It has little sheepies!


image (2)photo (3)

Finished: Canyon Breeze Cowl

I finished my moebius cowl from the first month of the Mountain Colors Yarn Club from Paradise Fibers. The pattern was called Canyon Breeze, but I can’t find it on Ravelry so I don’t have a link for you. The yarn is Mountain Colors Monarch in Harmony Aspen. The cowl had a faux-cable pattern which I’m almost certain I did wrong but the result was fine. I didn’t understand the whole “skip two stitches, knit into the 3rd stitch” part. I was knitting into the front of that stitch instead of knitting normally but that’s ok. I also had to learn the kitchener stitch and provisional cast on for this project.

I will be giving this to my boss, because she loves blue.

image (1) photo (2)

Pleasantly Surprised

So I signed up for yet another yarn club. This one is from Paradise Fibers (a site I have been going to to ogle the spinning wheels) and is a monthly shipment of Mountain Colors yarn. Now, I had never even seen or touched a skein of Mountain Colors when I signed up so I had no idea what to expect. When the first shipment came in yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised. The yarn, Mountain Colors Monarch in Aspen (I think), is beautiful and so very soft. One thing I like about this yarn club over Yarnbox is that they include a pattern that actually goes with the yarn they sent (makes perfect sense to me). Also, if you finish the project by the next shipment, you get $10 off the next month. If you finish after, you still get $5. The pattern they included is a faux-cable cowl that I actually like. The yarn is worsted weight and the cowl is done on US10 needles, so I could probably get it done in time. They also threw in a digital row counter for your finger, which is neat because I don’t have one of those.

image_3 image_2