Stunning Socks

I’ve neglected my knitting blog for so long now. Working full time and being a graduate student seems to have sucked the life out of me. Since I’m in between programs at the moment, and taking some time off, my crafting is picking up. This post by Knitting Sarah gave me some inspiration to share my latest socks.

These are afterthought heel socks and the yarn is the Atom colorway from String Theory Colorworks. I did also use one of their heel/toe mini skeins in chartreuse. String Theory is one of my absolute favorite dyers and everyone who has seen these socks has tried to convince me to give them to them. Alas, as much as I love them myself, I am giving them to my mom this Christmas. If they weren’t slightly too small for me I would very likely keep them for myself. Darn my big feet!

photo (1)


Legitimate Handspun

I finished my first ever skein of handspun yarn that I was able to look at and thing “Hey, this actually looks like yarn. Someone could knit with this…” It still has some serious think and thin spots, but it is far more even than my last two attempts that I have made since purchasing my wheel.

The color is Iris, which I think is perfect because it does remind me of the irises that used to grow behind my parents house. The fiber is… Merino top? Or something like that. I know there is a tag around here somewhere but it has been so long since I purchased this I can’t quite remember. I actually bought the fiber ages ago when I thought I was actually going to spin on a drop spindle. The drop spindle and I didn’t get along and the fiber just waited around.

I have already been knitting it into a little headband/ear warmer that I will have pictures of soon. It is blocking now and then I need to sew the bow on. There may even be enough left to make some fingerless mitts to match.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I am really excited about this. For the first time since my wheel came home, I feel like I’m actually using it correctly. Plus, to add to my excitement, the singles on my wheel right now are coming out even better and more even. .

It’s hard to tell in the photos but the fiber had a bit of something sparkly mixed it so it has nice shots of glimmer.

photo 3

Let There Be Sock!

I finished knitting my first ever sock! The yarn is a wonderful handspun from one of the ladies at my knitting night and it made the sock process a joy. I had originally planned on giving these sock pair to my mom (since I am not much of a sock wearer) but it came out fairly large. I have big feet and ankles so it fits me and I guess that means it’s meant to be mine. It still is slightly looser on me than I would like but, considering how rarely I wear real socks, I’m not concerned.

The weather in Texas yesterday was over 70 degrees so I got to sit on the patio and take a couple pictures. Of course, because this is Texas and we have fickle weather, it’s back down to 40 today.

In even bigger news than finishing one sock… I actually started the second! I did the ribbing last night. Take that, Second Sock Syndrome!

Of course, sock knitting has turned out to be perfect for watching my Korean dramas. All the stockinette means I don’t have to watch my hands so I can read the subtitles.

Can I just say, photographing your own foot is an awkward process…

photo 1 photo 2

Painting: Before and After

After two full days of painting, the living room and entry way are finished! Let me say, I hate painting. The green paint was a solid 9 hours of work and more for cleanup. The trim and doors in the entry (the living room trim was already done) took about 7 hours. What makes matters worse is that the trim and doors in my house have all been previously done in oil based paint so that is what I have to use to go over them (if I don’t want added steps) and I despise oil paint. It is stinky, sticky, thick, it drips, dries slowly, streaks, and it overall terrible. While I didn’t enjoy the process, I’m pleased with the result.





Entryway after

Entryway after


A Change of Pace

So during the week I was doing my comprehensive exam, the internet went out 4 times. During downtimes I needed something to calm me down so I wouldn’t call and say terrible things to my internet provider. So, I pulled out my Ashford Knitter’s Loom and the Irish Spring Scarf kit from Bluebonnet Hill Alpacas. I have only used the loom maybe 3 times in the 2 years I’ve owned it so, needless to say, I’m not real great at this. I have a hard time getting my edges even. When I started this project I Googled how to do that and, I know this will shock you, but the solution given was “go slowly and carefully”. Crazy, huh? I also don’t beat my rows very evenly. I think I was able to improve my edges this time over the last time but on my next project I’d like to focus on beating really tight and even.

Here’s the process. Also, please excuse the finished project pictures. I took the scarf in my purse to show my Mom (I like to try and justify her purchasing this loom for me) and it got wrinkled. I haven’t had a chances to straighten it out again.

hoto iage image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image photo

Some Beginnings

New Image

My Tosh DK alongside photos of two of my dearly departed dogs.

The other night I decided to temporarily abandon my Comfy blanket to work on a little baby blanket. I’m still waiting on the yarn for the Comfy to come back in stock. I have about twelve skeins of the Tosh Chunk I need for the Comfy, which means I’m only short by six. However, I’m nervous that I’m going to end up with noticeably different colors for the final six skeins, and thus have been delaying doing much knitting until they arrive. Thus, I moved to a project I have all the yarn for.

I cast on the With a Twist blanket in Tosh DK Thyme. The color is really beautiful. I’ve only done about 10 rows of the border, so it’s hard to say how I feel about the pattern so far.

Well my school semester started on Tuesday, which means my final semester of grad school has officially commenced. This weekend I’m going to a two day orientation for one of my classes. Which means I’ll be sitting in a lecture from 8am-5pm for two whole days. You know I’ve got to take some knitting. I really thought and thought the other night for the best project something to take. Something mindless, but interesting. Lap sized. And something I have all the supplies for. I’m having a hard time deciding. I’d like to take the Comfy blanket, but it is a little larger to knit discretely. The With a Twist requires a little too much attention right now. I browsed through the stash but nothing really stood out to me. I’ll have to keep thinking and decide what to take.

Besides my regular classes starting, I also have a comprehensive exam that I’ll be taking all of next week. Which means very little knitting will be done and, thus, very little blogging. It’s going to be a very busy summer for me, but I hope it’s all worth it when I get that diploma in August.

All My Money

My big order of yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit arrived yesterday afternoon! I was very excited to see the box in the foyer when I got home from work.

Now, you may have noticed that there’s no Poppy color like I had originally posted about. Well, after I ordered, the store emailed me to let me know that their 6 skeins of the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted didn’t all match. The swapped it out for the color Growth. I was only the teeniest sad to give up the bright orangeish color because I really love the beautiful green, and it was one of the color choices I originally considered. I have to say, I was really pleased with Eat.Sleep.Knit’s customer service on this issue. They could have easily thrown the non-matching yarn in the box and I would’ve had serious issues making my cardigan. Instead, they offered to swap the yarn out.

Left  to right:  Tosh DK in Thyme Shepherd Worsted in Growth Tosh Chunky in Curiosity

Left to right:
Tosh DK in Thyme
Shepherd Worsted in Growth
Tosh Chunky in Curiosity

I also got the Yarnathon starter kit with my order, which included a sticker, pen, mini-skein, a jolly rancher (not pictured because it was in my mouth), and a pattern to knit a tiny sweater.

I’ve now purchased 6787 yards of yarn toward the Yarnathon.

Other news: I finished the bias shawl (it just needs to be photographed), and cast on the Comfy afghan.

I’ve also had some potentially great news career-wise, but I need to hold off on that for now. All I’ll say is “wish me luck”, I may be changing jobs soon.

Please excuse the blurriness. It didn't seem so bad last night

Please excuse the blurriness. It didn’t seem so bad last night