Nifty Gifties

The lovely Aisling from my knitting group surprised me on Tuesday with two awesome graduation gifts. The first being a hank of her handspun (the color is Flannel Shirt). The second was a ball of some super soft and squishy silk/wool blend fiber. It’s so nice I want to save it for once I have gained some spinning skills and won’t mangle it.

I don’t have a project planned for the yarn quite yet so I’ve just been admiring it since Tuesday. Perhaps a hat…

Thank you, Aisling!

photo 5 photo 4



Well, it finally happened. Friday, August 9, I graduated with my Master of Library Science. I am so incredibly relieved and overjoyed to be done. I finished my program incredibly quickly (It took about 14 months) because I loaded myself with three classes a semester. Each semester, my advisor’s office warned me that that three classes could be hard to handle, and I assured them I would be fine. I was, honestly. It was a lot of work on top of already working 30 hours a week at the library, but not undoable. This last semester, I assured the advising office that, not only could I take three classes, I could do my comprehensive exam on top of it (even though one of the classes I was taking was considered a prerequisite for the test). After some deliberation, they agreed to allow me to do, against their advice. I scheduled a week of vacation from work and spent it engrossed in stress and writing my end of program exam. They warned me I might not pass but I did. I got behind on my work for my regular classes but I managed a breakneck schedule of catching up. The last few weeks of classes were exhausting. One class (Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry) had a very heavy workload. In the days leading up to graduation I was staying up until 2 a.m., working on my final assignments while at my actual job, and being more and more tired and worn out. The night before graduation I thought I would get a good night’s sleep to catch up, but stayed up to read instead. Graduation day meant waking up, getting dressed, driving the hour to my college, standing in a very warm room in full regalia and heels for over an hour, sitting through two hours of ceremony, then a huge dinner with the family, a very long drive home in a storm with my mother (don’t get me started on that), then a change of clothes and back out for drinks with friends. By Friday evening I stumbled home tired and hot in a way I have rarely been in my life. And now it is all done! And I believe I finished it all with a 4.0 GPA (I still need the grade from my final class but, unless I bombed the final annotated bibliography, I expect an A).

Here’s a few pictures to represent the day of graduation for me.

A green apple jolly rancher bomb and Sara's  bizarre shot

A green apple jolly rancher bomb and Sara’s bizarre shot


My view while waiting at the Coliseum for graduation


Family dinner panorama


My in Jim Bean sunglasses they gave us at the bar



I would just like to announce that results came in today and…

I passed my end of program exam!

That means I’ll be graduating with my Master’s of Library Science on August 9.

Let the celebrating begin!

Upcoming Goals

Whew. It has been a busy and stress filled few weeks, and it isn’t quite over yet. I spent a week doing my comprehensive exam for graduate school. That basically consisted of writing three research essays over library science topics. It made for not at all a fun week but it’s done. I get the results back July 5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I passed because I might burst into tears at the thought of retaking it. Because I had the exam for a week, my deadlines for my two regular classes were delayed. So I have spent the last weeks getting caught up on that. An example of what that has been like would be that Sunday I did five reading summaries and information hunts,  Monday I did an annotated bibliography, a ten page bibliographic essay on Tuesday, and then a ten page research paper last night. On top of working. So it’s been a rough time of very little sleep.

I still have ten things due this Sunday that I haven’t started, but I wanted to take a moment to clear my head and come back to the blog. I thought a good way to do this would be by thinking about some things I’d like to accomplish before the end of 2013.

So here we go…

Goals for the Second Half of 2013

  • Graduate! If all goes well with my exam and my final 3 classes, I should be receiving my Masters of Library and Information Science in August. (Knock on wood that I’ll still have my 4.0 gpa)
  • Learn to spin. I’m so jealous of all the handspun yarn people bring to knit night that I would really love to get into this hobby. It looks peaceful
  • And to that end: Get a Spinning wheel. I am asking for one from my parents as a graduation gift because, after a year as a part time employee and full time student, the cash for a wheel is not in my bank account right now. I really want the Schacht Lady Bug.
  • Write more. I have a story that has been percolating in my brain for well on a decade now. Over the years, I have written scenes here and there and I have only recently begun to compile them into one space. Now I’d like to start adding some additional scenes and rewriting the old ones.
  • On a related note: Do NaNoWriMo in November. I think trying to write 50,000 words of a story in a month sounds like an interesting challenge. As much as I enjoy writing, I never push myself to do much of it. I think this would be a good way to do that.
  • Find a job. With that shiny new diploma in my pocket, that means I need to leave my customer service position and get a librarian job. I would like to stay at my current library, but we’ll see.
  • Try new knitting. I’ve let myself get stuck in doing really basic, mindless knitting. Tons of garter and stockinette stitches. I think it has fit this place in my life because knitting has been where I go to let my brain relax, but now I’d like to start stretching myself. One of the first things on my list of challenges is to try my hand at lace knitting. I have a pattern picked out at some yarn already.
  • Tosh Pure Silk Lace in Spectrum

I’m sure there are a number of more things, and I may update when I think of a few more. I just wanted to do this to get my mind off my current stress and thinking about the great things still coming this year.