Finished Project: Knit Night Gloves

Well, I finished the first of the Knit Night Gloves back in February and I only just now got over Second Sock Syndrome (or Second Glove in this case) and finished the second. It turns out the cure was to finish one slipper and be so desperate to avoid doing the matching slipper that I would work on this long-dormant project.

I had one snag… I decided to stay up incredibly late last night to finish the glove, in spite of my migraine. So, there I sat at 3 a.m., pounding migraine, hurriedly finishing this glove while watching The White Queen. I have now learned that early morning hours plus a headache does not equal the best pattern reading. I took “repeat for rows 3-5” to be “repeat 5 times”. So, the second cuff turned out a couple rows longer than on the first glove. I think I’ve basically decided that I can live with the mistake because I honestly don’t want to tink back the entire bind off edge and two rows of stitches. Also, I made these gloves and the matching hat because I bought the yarn on a very special vacation to New Orleans and really wanted to use it up. I’m not much on wearing hats or gloves (especially fingerless ones), but the memories from that vacation make the yarn too precious to give away, so I will most likely end up keeping them and not actually wearing them. Basically what I’m saying is, it really doesn’t matter that they don’t match.

The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Zarzamora and the pattern is Knit Night Gloves. 

photo 5

This picture doesn’t do the pretty color justice


One Down

I finished one of my fingerless Knit Night Gloves. I’m not sure I understand the whole fingerless glove thing (aren’t your fingers what gets coldest?) but they match my hat.

Now I was considering casting on another project before I come back to do the second glove, mostly because I’m getting a sore spot on my hand where the double pointed needle hits, but it seems that’s not happening. Why, you ask? Well I went to screw the needles of my interchangeable set to the cord and… it stripped the threading. So it looks like I’ll be needing a new needle. In the meantime, since it appears that’s my only circular size 7 set, I’ll just have to find something else.


My, aren’t we glove shaped


I’ve been working on my first set of fingerless gloves. The pattern is Knit Night Gloves by Judy Marples. I recently made the matching Knit Night Hat in Malabrigo Rios yarn in the color Zarzamora (Spanish for blackberry, an apt color name). Since I had another skein I thought I would go ahead and do the gloves.

I’m still fairly inexperienced with double pointed needles (which is code for “I’ve only used them to knit half a sick that nearly drove me mad) and this reminded me that I’m not a fan of them. I always feel like there’s a needle poking my palm as I knit. Also, although I never had problems with laddering before, I certainly have with this project. The stockinette body of the glove is fine, but in the textured cuff there’s blaring areas of imperfection from where the needles joined. It’s driving me a bit crazy but I’ve decided to hope for better on the second glove.

Only 8 rows of stockinette and the knuckle cuff and I’m done.