Finished Project: Elefante

Last night I finished my first ever knit toy, Elefante by Susan B. Anderson (which is free online, how nice!). The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Melt Away Mints. The yarn is so soft! I bought the yarn on a whim awhile back and threw the two skeins in my stash because I didn’t have a project in mind. The little elephant pattern just called out to me. There is also accents in a cream color from my scrap box that I couldn’t tell you the name of.

I’m somewhat happy with the overall project. My knitting was good but got marred by my poor seaming skills and inept embroidery of the eyes. Either way, little Ellie found her spot on my bookshelf.

Fun fact: the project called for poly pellets to weigh down the feet and body. I couldn’t find those at Joann’s and ended up using cheap pony beads. For only $2 they did the trick.

Ellie's new home on the paperbacks

Ellie’s new home on the paperbacks

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3



Well, it finally happened. Friday, August 9, I graduated with my Master of Library Science. I am so incredibly relieved and overjoyed to be done. I finished my program incredibly quickly (It took about 14 months) because I loaded myself with three classes a semester. Each semester, my advisor’s office warned me that that three classes could be hard to handle, and I assured them I would be fine. I was, honestly. It was a lot of work on top of already working 30 hours a week at the library, but not undoable. This last semester, I assured the advising office that, not only could I take three classes, I could do my comprehensive exam on top of it (even though one of the classes I was taking was considered a prerequisite for the test). After some deliberation, they agreed to allow me to do, against their advice. I scheduled a week of vacation from work and spent it engrossed in stress and writing my end of program exam. They warned me I might not pass but I did. I got behind on my work for my regular classes but I managed a breakneck schedule of catching up. The last few weeks of classes were exhausting. One class (Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry) had a very heavy workload. In the days leading up to graduation I was staying up until 2 a.m., working on my final assignments while at my actual job, and being more and more tired and worn out. The night before graduation I thought I would get a good night’s sleep to catch up, but stayed up to read instead. Graduation day meant waking up, getting dressed, driving the hour to my college, standing in a very warm room in full regalia and heels for over an hour, sitting through two hours of ceremony, then a huge dinner with the family, a very long drive home in a storm with my mother (don’t get me started on that), then a change of clothes and back out for drinks with friends. By Friday evening I stumbled home tired and hot in a way I have rarely been in my life. And now it is all done! And I believe I finished it all with a 4.0 GPA (I still need the grade from my final class but, unless I bombed the final annotated bibliography, I expect an A).

Here’s a few pictures to represent the day of graduation for me.

A green apple jolly rancher bomb and Sara's  bizarre shot

A green apple jolly rancher bomb and Sara’s bizarre shot


My view while waiting at the Coliseum for graduation


Family dinner panorama


My in Jim Bean sunglasses they gave us at the bar


Finished Project: Turtle Set

Finally! I can post this!

The reason things have been so quiet around here is that all my knitting time has been devoted to finishing a cardigan and matching hat. One of my coworkers and his wife are expecting their first baby this fall. He’s taking a new job to be home with the kiddo so I had to quickly finish the set to get it to him today. I didn’t want to post anything about the project until I had given it so it could still be a surprise.

So now… the big reveal!

image(1) image image(2)

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I was trying to snap the shots last night while dealing with an injured and very drugged out dog.

Look! The buttons are turtles. I was determined to have teal buttons to match the yarn.

The sweater pattern is Buttons Cardigan #606. 

The hat is the Myshka Tuque except I did the edge in garter stitch so it would match the sweater.

The yarn is Debbie Macomber’s Wild Meadow in color Juneau.

The pattern was very easy to work. It’s knit top down in one piece with a garter stitch edge.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with this set (although I’m worried the hat is too big) and I hope the parents-to-be get good use out of it.

Finished Projects: The World’s Pinkest Hat

So last night I decided to skip what would’ve been my first trip to the knit night at Starbucks ( I was feeling bummed from some bad news) and stayed home to power through and finish the hat I was working on. The pattern is Capucine by Adela Illichmanova and I knit it in Cascade 128 that I dyed with Kool-Aid.

The pattern is super easy to follow and knit up pretty quickly. I don’t like mine nearly as much as the example photo for the pattern, but it was fit for bulky weight yarn and I was eager to knit up what I had dyed. The hat is kind of kooky and looks cute on but I’ll be giving it away. I just don’t like pink that much, but I’m sure I know someone who does.

I may make another of these eventually since it was quick and easy. I would really like to make one more like the example.


It's looking less pink here

It’s looking less pink here

Borrowed from the Ravelry page for the pattern.



Modeling the new hat

Modeling the new hat

Yesterday I got to take the rainbow hat I made over to Toni for her kids. I had intended the hat for Roman, but knew it came out a little big. Luckily, it does fit him if the brim is rolled over, so that’s fantastic. The plus side is that the hat also fits his big sister, Anya, and she loved it. She even proclaimed “cute hat” when she saw it and then amused herself by taking it on and off and putting it on the baby. Toni was really excited about it as well. It’s always great to give a handmade gift to someone who really appreciates it.


The pictures were the best I could do with her wiggling and eating, but I think the blurry one is rather charming.

Attempting to feed crackers to the cat

Attempting to feed crackers to the cat

Finished Projects: Big Baby Blanket

I just finished my long paper for class, so I wanted to get a little post out tonight.

This is a blanket I finished over the summer that I particularly liked. The pattern is a simply corner-to-corner design I improvised. It really couldn’t be any easier. You just cast on two stitches, and then knit every stitch, increasing each row via yarn over until you’ve used up all your yarn. The you start decreasing. The yarn is Big Baby by Muench in Melon Mix.  This made for a nice, colorful, summer project. As you can see, I reserved some of my yarn to add tassels. I haven’t decided who this blanket will go to yet. I told some of my close, female friends that the first one to produce female offspring gets it.

The colors remind me of a rainbow snow cone.

Close up of the snow cone colors

Close up of the snow cone colors

Corner to Corner Blanket

Corner to Corner Blanket