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I’ve been a book reviewer over at All About Romance for over a year now. The following are the reviews I’ve contributed.

Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed Reviewer
D- Straddling the Line Jaci Burton Contemp Hot 07/2014 07/28/2014 Haley
A- Suddenly Last Summer Sarah Morgan Contemp Warm 07/2014 06/27/2014 Haley
C Hope Ignites Jaci Burton Contemp Hot 04/2014 06/26/2014 Haley
C- Shadow Spell Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 04/2014 05/12/2014 Haley
C Teach Me A Lesson Jasmine Haynes Ero Rom Burning 04/2014 04/16/2014 Haley
C+ The Wife He Always Wanted Cheryl Ann Smith Eur Hist Warm 09/2013 03/27/2014 Haley
C+ Melting the Ice Jaci Burton Contemp Burning 02/2014 03/19/2014 Haley
D- The Pirate Bride Sandra Hill Viking Hot 12/2013 03/14/2014 Haley
C The House on Main Street Shirlee McCoy Contemp Kisses 11/2013 03/12/2014 Haley
B- Wildest Dreams Toni Blake Contemp Hot 12/2013 01/24/2014 Haley
D Candlelight Christmas Susan Wiggs Contemp Kisses 11/2013 01/08/2014 Haley
B+ Searching for Someday Jennifer Probst Contemp Hot 11/2013 12/23/2013 Haley
C Hope Flames Jaci Burton Contemp Hot 01/2014 12/16/2013 Haley
A Finding It Cora Carmack New Adult Subtle 10/2013 12/04/2013 Haley
B+ Sleigh Bells in the Snow Sarah Morgan Contemp Warm 11/2013 11/25/2013 Haley
C- A Song at Twilight Pamela Sherwood Eur Hist Subtle 10/2013 11/21/2013 Haley
A- The Naughty Corner Jasmine Haynes Ero Rom Burning 10/2013 11/01/2013 Haley
C+ Dark Witch Nora Roberts Paranormal Warm 11/2013 10/28/2013 Haley
F My Favorite Mistake Chelsea M. Cameron New Adult Warm 2013 09/27/2013 Haley
C+ Lost to the Desert Warrior Sarah Morgan Series Hot 09/2013 09/11/2013 Haley
Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed Reviewer
C I Only Have Eyes for You Bella Andre Contemp Hot 09/2013 08/26/2013 Haley
B The Marriage Merger Jennifer Probst Contemp Hot 08/2013 08/19/2013 Haley
B To Sin With a Viking Michelle Willingham Viking Hot 08/2013 08/06/2013 Haley
C- Honey Pie Donna Kauffman Contemp Warm 05/2013 07/25/2013 Haley
C Three Little Words Susan Mallery Contemp Hot 08/2013 07/22/2013 Haley
B+ Siege and Storm Leigh Bardugo YA Subtle 06/2013 07/12/2013 Haley
A Carolina Girl Virigina Kantra Contemp Warm 06/2013 07/01/2013 Haley
C+ Nautier and Wilder Anthology Rom Susp Hot 04/2013 06/20/2013 Haley
B The Look of Love Bella Andre Contemp Hot 06/2013 06/14/2013 Haley
D A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and
Molly Harper Paranormal Subtle 06/2013 05/24/2013 Haley
B+ Half Moon Hill Toni Blake Contemp Hot 05/2013 05/17/2013 Haley
C+ True Erin McCarthy Contemp Warm 05/2013 05/09/2013 Haley

A Little Celebrating

So a few weeks ago I got offered a spot reviewing for All About Romance. As a big romance reader, I love their site for the reviews and special title lists. The prospect of getting free books in exchange for writing reviews was too good to pass up.

My first review I submitted to them went live today. Its a different version of the review for True that I posted here. As of right now, it is on the homepage so it is very exciting for me to surf over there and see my review.

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

1. The Mindy Project. 

I am all about this show right now. Danny and Mindy are my favorite TV non-couple since the days before Jim and Pam got together on The Office. My coworker and I loved the last episode so much we relived it about five times at work today.

2. Erin McCarthy Novels

McCarthy is one of my favorite romance novelists. I have read a lot of her work but recently I’ve been going back to see what of her old books I haven’t read yet. She writes funny, sweet, sexy romance. Fantastic!

3. Chocolate! 

There are no words for how much I have been craving chocolate lately. Thank goodness for Skinny Cow.

4. My Squishy-Soft Brooks Farm Yarn

I started a bias knit shawl from some of the yarn I got at DFW Fiber Fest. I haven’t posted a picture of the yarn yet but it is this soft, variegated pink that makes me think of Mentos Fruit Chews. I’ll post a picture of the shawl-in-progress soon.

5. Game of Thrones Memes

Not the show or books themselves, specifically memes. I’ve watched every episode of Game of Thrones but I can’t seem to get into it. I’m not big on high fantasy, so I think that’s the issue. I really want to like it though, so I keep forcing myself to watch. What I do love, are the silly memes that come out.

Houston, We Have a Problem by Erin McCarthy

Houston, We Have A ProblemHouston, We Have A Problem by Erin McCarthy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been watching The Mindy Project lately and I’m totally crushing on the character of Danny Castellano. So reading a book about a stoic, sexy doctor made me think of him. I couldn’t help picturing Danny as Dr. Houston Hayes from this novel. With that said, I really loved this story. It was short, sweet, and sexy; exactly what you expect from Erin McCarthy. The storyline was really cute and I liked both main characters. McCarthy has a skill for writing romance that is both sexy and funny – like this one.

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True by Erin McCarthy

TrueTrue by Erin McCarthy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rory Macintosh and Tyler Mann are opposites; she’s the awkward, premed student who wants to be a coroner and he’s the tattooed, bad boy. When they meet through Rory’s roommate, opposites attract.
Tyler takes in interest in Rory after he rescues her from the groping hands of their druggie friend, and learns that Rory is a virgin. From there, he seems to deem himself her protector, even showing up at her place the next day to help nurse her through her hangover. His interest in her continues when they decide to help tutor each other and, eventually, their romance starts to blossom.
This story started strong. I liked tough-guy Tyler coming to Rory’s rescue and her learning that he has a heart of gold. Tyler comes from a terrible home life that is the total opposite of Rory’s. His mother is a drug addict that is cruel to her children and Rory steps in to help out with Tyler’s younger brothers. Seeing Tyler practically raising his siblings, one of which has Down’s Syndrome, was probably the best part of the book.
Sadly, that is where things fell off. I found the secondary characters, Rory’s roommates Kylie and Jessica, annoying. I think they were drunk or high in every single scene. In fact, Rory meets Tyler because he is sleeping with Jessica. Both girls came off as ditzy and promiscuous and I couldn’t understand why Rory hung around with them when she had been described so differently. Additionally, the girls mention at one point that they paid Tyler to take Rory’s virginity. This plot point was a non-starter. Rory is briefly sad and avoids Tyler for a few days, then she goes on like normal and all is completely forgiven after Tyler quickly says sorry.
The book is written in very short scenes and frequently changes location and time. It was surprisingly bothersome because you never got much substance in a given scene before the book moved on. The middle of the book drags on with repetitive scenes of Tyler and Rory hanging out, people partying, and most males in the book acting brutish.
The conflict of the book revolved around Rory’s father disapproving of the relationship and legal trouble with Tyler’s mom. Neither point was very fleshed out and they were resolved very quickly. The ending of the book was very abrupt and seemed to attempt to quickly tie off the loose ends. It ended up feeling very unsatisfactory.
Possibly the most refreshing thing about this story was the age of the characters. Rory and Tyler are college students and are 20 and 22, respectively. After the first chapter, I almost expected the story to jump ahead ten years because it is so rare to have such young leads in a contemporary romance.
I think that True had a lot of potential, but fell short. There wasn’t enough believable conflict to carry the middle of the story and a lot of the references to Tyler’s prior promiscuity, with Rory’s best friend even, made him a lot less likeable. This was a disappointing read from Erin McCarthy who, otherwise, is a fantastic addition to the romance genre.
Advanced copy provided by Penguin Group through NetGalley.

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