Black Friday Shopping

I am not the sort to rip myself from my warm bed the morning after Thanksgiving at some ungodly hour to go shop. However, I will purchase yarn online for my portion of the Black Friday savings. Not that I need an excuse to purchase yarn, but the discounts don’t hurt.

Here’s what I picked up.

A new set of the Caspian double pointed needles from Knit Picks. They’re so pretty! I don’t think they were on sale but I don’t have many of the smaller size DPNs and I wanted to hit the minimum for free shipping.

photo 5

Three skeins of Diadem DK Special Reserve from Knit Picks in Gold. This yarn is so soft that when it came it, I slid it out of the box and then cussed at its softness. I intend to knit it into the gorgeous French Cancan Shawl.

photo 4

Three skeins of Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb in the color Aslan (like the lion I assume?). This came from Eat.Sleep.Knit.  If you’re doing the Yarnathon like I am, this yarn is a 100% power boost right now, so the yardage counts for double. I think this might become the Clapotis shawl/scarf thing.

photo 2

Two skeins each of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Grasshopper and Smokestack. Also from Eat.Sleep.Knit. It is intended for the Brick Road Cowl. I saw the sample at MadTosh done in pink and grey and loved it. I wanted to go for colors that were totally not my normal choice. The green of Grasshopper isn’t quite the electric color I thought it might be when I was making “bold” choices, but I like the colors well enough.

photo 3

As an added bonus, all my shopping bumped me up in the Yarnathon so I earned $20 in store credit and I am really close to the next level – which would earn me a shirt. Plus, when the order came in I won a free mitten kit from the little scratch off cards they throw in. So I am excited to see what that will be.

Now I just need to actually get to knitting… and updating my Ravelry stash…



Tiny Sweater

As part of my Yarnathon welcome package, Eat.Sleep.Knit sent me a mini-skein of Dream in Color Everlasting Sock and a pattern for a mini-sweater. I ended up knitting it with the addition of some MadelineTosh Sock. Unfortunately, I don’t know the colorway for either but the Dream in Color is the darker yarn and the MadelineTosh is the lighter. I made mine short sleeved because I ran out of the darker yarn. It’s so tiny I feel like I could dress a little mouse in it. So if you know a mouse that likes hand-knits, send them my way.

New Image2 New Image

The Blanket Everyone’s Making

I’ve been hearing about it. You’ve probably been hearing about it. Maybe you or someone you know is even making it. Everyone seems to be buzzing about the Beekeeper Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a blanket comprised of little “hexipuffs”. I think that the general idea is to use leftover sock yarn. Each puff only takes a little fingering weight so, if you’re a big sock knitter, I could see how this would be a nice, ongoing project for you. Every time you finish a pair of socks and have some scraps leftover, you whip up a hexipuff and, eventually, you’ll have a blanket.

I’m oddly drawn to this pattern (as are many others, considering the 5674 projects on Ravelry), however, I am not a sock knitter. There are no little scraps of sock yarn laying around my home to use up (Problem 1). Also, even if there were, I am not a fan of this controlled chaos where every little puff is a different color. I really like things to match. I mean really. My entire bedroom is done in purples*. It’s not even like I have a few coordinating shades and one is purple. No, it’s all purple. But I digress…

So that would mean, if I were to make it, I would need to buy a load of sock yarn to start making puffs. Which takes away the handiness of it being made as a method for utilizing scrap yarn. I saw that some online shops offer bags of mini-skeins that you could use for it, like this one at Eat.Sleep.Knit. Although then we’re back to the situation of colors not matching (problem 2).

I have also seen a kit for it at Jimmy Bean’s Wool that does come in coordinating colors. That’s more my thing. However, there’s also the concern with my ability to stick with a project for the extended period of time it would take to knit the nine million (give or take) puffs that comprise the blanket (problem 3). I can have a really short attention span for projects. The only thing about the Beekeeper Quilt that might help with that is that maybe each completed hexipuff would give me a sense of instant gratification.

Now, once you have the puffs all knit up, and your home is practically overflowing with little fiber-filled, yarn nuggets, you have to sew them together (problem 4). Oh goodness, how I hate sewing projects together. First of all, I have no finesse for this. I mean really, my seams look a little like you let a child hack away at them with some yarn. Sewing each little puff together sounds maddening.

I finished a knit throw blanket in December and, let me tell you, it’s a little on the heavy side. Wool isn’t the lightest material once it’s all looped together. Throw in the fiberfill, and this Beekeeper Quilt sounds like a hefty blanket. That doesn’t seem like something I would use around my home (problem 5). I’m always warm so I like light blankets. Has anyone made it and found it to be a heavyweight?

Each puff is made by knitting in the round (problem 6). I am really not a fan of double pointed needles. They make me feel awkward and bumbling.

Even with all those issues, I am still weirdly intrigued by this blanket.



*Every time I think about my all-purple room it reminds me of the children’s movie Wee-Sing in Sillyville. The little town has divided according to what color everyone wears. So there is a gypsy like woman who wears all purple and has a purple house. Her name is Pasha and I am becoming her. I wanted to find a picture of her, but the best I could do is this video.


All My Money

My big order of yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit arrived yesterday afternoon! I was very excited to see the box in the foyer when I got home from work.

Now, you may have noticed that there’s no Poppy color like I had originally posted about. Well, after I ordered, the store emailed me to let me know that their 6 skeins of the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted didn’t all match. The swapped it out for the color Growth. I was only the teeniest sad to give up the bright orangeish color because I really love the beautiful green, and it was one of the color choices I originally considered. I have to say, I was really pleased with Eat.Sleep.Knit’s customer service on this issue. They could have easily thrown the non-matching yarn in the box and I would’ve had serious issues making my cardigan. Instead, they offered to swap the yarn out.

Left  to right:  Tosh DK in Thyme Shepherd Worsted in Growth Tosh Chunky in Curiosity

Left to right:
Tosh DK in Thyme
Shepherd Worsted in Growth
Tosh Chunky in Curiosity

I also got the Yarnathon starter kit with my order, which included a sticker, pen, mini-skein, a jolly rancher (not pictured because it was in my mouth), and a pattern to knit a tiny sweater.

I’ve now purchased 6787 yards of yarn toward the Yarnathon.

Other news: I finished the bias shawl (it just needs to be photographed), and cast on the Comfy afghan.

I’ve also had some potentially great news career-wise, but I need to hold off on that for now. All I’ll say is “wish me luck”, I may be changing jobs soon.

Please excuse the blurriness. It didn't seem so bad last night

Please excuse the blurriness. It didn’t seem so bad last night


More Snowballing

I really need to stop. I seriously have a problem.


If you saw my last post, you’ll notice that I was seriously considering buying some yarn for a basket weave baby blanket. Which led me to looking at yarn online. I came across another blog that had an icon about a Yarnathon. That lead me to Eat Sleep Knit (an adorable shop design, by the way).

So that got me thinking… I could pick out baby blanket yarn there and, as a plus, I would enter the Yarnathon.

So I started looking for a worsted weight, sturdy wearing yarn that would be perfect for a baby blanket. Something that you can throw in the wash as needed and not have to worry too much about.

I decided on Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted. Now, I originally wanted something yellow so I considered the color Magnificent Mile. However, once I got looking at the colors, I really loved the color Growth. Now, if I knit this in green, it will look exactly like the blanket my mother already knit for my future/someday/maybe baby. But I really want to!

Then I saw the color Poppy. Now, I don’t want to do the blanket in Poppy, but it was such a gorgeous, spring color that is not what I would normally pick out for myself that it made me want to knit a sweater for myself. Which I have never done.

So then I had to find an awesome sweater pattern. I came across the Neck Down Wrap Cardigan which is Yarn Harlot approved.

So how could I resist adding 6 skeins of Poppy and 6 of Growth to my cart?

Now, I haven’t hit purchase yet (mainly because I’m writing this from work and my credit card is out of reach) but I really want to.

Have you ever read the book If You Give A Mouse a Cookie? I’m basically like that all the time. If you give me a pattern, I’m going to want some yarn. If you give me some yarn, I’m going to want some needles…