Random Images

Just some random images from around the web. I started looking for things dealing with spinning wheels and, of course, got a lot in the way of fairy tale images.

photo 22

One of my favorite Disney films

photo 23

That looks like my evil kitty, Cullen, in the background

I also saw this gorgeous, custom built spinning wheel from Olympic Spinning Wheels. If someone with a spare $1800 wants to buy me one, that would be great.

Wolf themed wheel. I love how the style represents the Olympic Peninsula where they are made.

Wolf themed wheel. I love how the style represents the Olympic Peninsula where they are made.

Lastly, an image that represents me so well.

You know it.

You know it.



Lazy Sunday

In the way of recuperating from a hellishly busy week, I spent Sunday laying in bed, watching Glee on Netflix, knitting, and hanging out with my kitties. I didn’t cook, I barely got dressed, and made no efforts to be productive. Overall, it was a good way to relax.

Here’s a few pictures that represent the day. This is my cat, O’Malley, sleeping on the side of my bed, amidst the bag of yarn that spilled out onto the bed.

photo image

Green With Frustration

I finally worked on my green hat again last night and managed to finish it. I sat and watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green (I have a green thing going) while I tackled the decreases on this hat. I had attempted to start the decreases the other night and, after an hour of frustration, gave up. The way this little tam works up, the decreases form a star shape at the top of the hat. In order to keep the sections of the star straight, the author of the pattern suggests placing stitch markers. Now, I became so frustrated with how this was working out I was about ready to send the designer a nasty message along the lines of “Why would you have us place markers if the stitch count of the next row doesn’t line up with them?!?” Luckily, I was smart enough to first second guess myself. No matter how many times I read the pattern I could figure out why my stitch count wasn’t coming out the way I needed it to. As it turns out, my mistake was not on my current row, but the one before.

The pattern had something along the lines of (K1,P1) 11 Times Place Marker.  Being so brilliant like I am (ha ha), I read this as though I should knit and purl for a total of 11 stitches then place the marker. This, of course, was wrong. So it was no wonder that, on the next row, the stitches for each section were going past the markers. Now, had I been doing the second row correctly, I would passed by one marker and hit the second one, right? Because I had twice the markers I need. Except that the next row at (K1,P1) 8 times for one part of the pattern and I was reading that as only 8 stitches. I have no idea where my brain was that night. I was tired, I know that. I had a headache, of course. All of my knitting knowledge must’ve just taken a vacation.

So after completing 2 rows of decreases incorrectly, it finally dawned on me (or hit me like a ton of bricks) what I had been doing wrong. Which meant I had two rows to rip back and do over. Which would’ve been tedious, but easy enough, except that the decrease method used is S1K2P, which is a pain in the butt to tink back. Plus there were some K3tog in there as well.

So after an hour (at least) spent doing the two rows wrong, tinking them back, and redoing them- I gave up.

I took me a full 24 hours to feel like I was willing to sit down and torture myself with the hat again. I had already been reluctantly working on it because, as I previously stated, I hate switching between knit and purl, such a seed stitch or ribbing. Then with the counting catastrophe, I was feeling really burnt out on this hat.

But I did it. This project is rife with mistakes. I mean, bad. There is a whole row in one of the sections that turned into ribbing instead of seed stitch because I started with K1P1 when I should’ve P1K1. No matter how many times I counted, recounted, and counted again, the number of stitches in the sections kept getting off. I finally gave up on ripping anything back and just charged forward with my flawed work. Somehow, I ended up with a little hole in one spot. No idea how. I didn’t notice the hole until far too late, so I’m just accepting it.

All in all, the yarn for this project was lovely, I’m sure the pattern was great, but it made me ant to rip my hair out.

Here's the cat looking disapproving either of my sloppy knitting or that I was watching Dirty Dancing.

Here’s the cat looking disapproving either of my sloppy knitting or that I was watching Dirty Dancing.



So Tiny

Wee Tiny Sock Kits

  Wee Tiny Sock Kits

I ordered the Wee Tiny Lucky Sock Kit and a Wee Tiny Black Cat Sock Blocker from the Brave Little Knitter on Esty and they just came in. On the left in the photo is the kit for the Lucky sock. The yarn looks like it’s glowing because it is so fuzzy. The bag is little notions to make the tiny sock. In the center is the Cat Sock Blocker and on the right is a pencil and some yarn that was a special bonus. If you figure that the pencil is normal pencil sized, you’ll realize how tiny these really are. I’ve only attempted to knit one sock, which was me-sized, and I hated it. But, I’m thinking that making one tiny sock to hang on my bulletin board might be less infuriating and certainly take less time. Since the seller threw in the extra mini-hank of yarn I’ll most likely use that for the second sock to put on the blocker. The seller also sent me a years worth of Wee Tiny Sock patterns (since there was a delay in my shipping) so if I like this then I have plenty more to make.

The Lucky Sock example photo

Knitting Swag


Did I get this bag because it matches my cat? Yes, yes I did.

I picked this up from Zoe’s Bag Boutique over on Etsy and it is fantastic. I am, by no means, I paid spokesperson for this shop but I just want to say that this is a really well made knitting bag. Feels very study, nice pockets, drawstring top. I had previously purchased a small zippered bag to use for something else and was incredibly pleased with that one as well. So if your want a nice bag to protect your current WIP, I really suggest Zoe’s.

This is the exact bag I purchased so you can see all the details.