Busy Season

Fall is my favorite season but it also tends to be the busiest. In the month of October I have a wedding to attend and will most likely be hosting two parties at my house. November is when we usually go to the Texas Renaissance Festival and then there’s Thanksgiving.

In addition to the regular activities that keep me busy as the weather cools, I have given myself a number of goals for the upcoming months.

  1. Finish the Promise Me shawl


I started this on the 18th of this month with the goal to finish it before October 1st so I can started number two on the list.

2. Morticia MKAL

I’m going to be knitting a big, beaded lace shawl throughout the month of October. The final clue is released the 22nd and I would love to have it done for our Samhain party on the 26th, but we’ll see.

3. National Novel Writing Month

This will be my first time participating in this activity in November. I won’t be starting from scratch, instead I intend to work on a story idea I started back two years ago but gave up on after only about 30 pages.

Also, in November, I need to knit a hat for my coworker that requested one.

4. Wrap Cardigan

This is a goal I just came up with, but I’d like to knit this cardigan so that I can wear it at Yule.

5. Finish Cuddly Blanket

I have about a foot worth of blanket knit so far, but I am happily letting it hibernate while I work on more pressing projects. I would like to get this one done by January, since it is the coldest time of the year.


* Clicking any of the pictures will take you to the page for that pattern or event.


What Have I Done?

So I left work today planning to come home a read all night so I can start getting caught up on my to be read list.

What I actually did was eat fast food and fall asleep until 10 p.m.

When you sleep until 10 p.m., time loses all meaning to you.

Which is why I am shopping for yarn at nearly 2 a.m.

Perhaps the late hour is to be explained for the insane about of yarn I just bought. That and the fried chicken grease.

So here’s the damage:

6 Skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Worsted in Poppy 

I’m planning to make the #263 Neck Down Wrap Cardigan with it. I think it’ll look awesome in the bright poppy color. I am having some doubts about whether I should have chosen a more variegated yarn, like the example below to add interest. Thinking about my personal style though, I tend to wear more solid colors. I may already have a sweater in a very similar color… We’re not going to worry about that because that just means I already have jewelry to match.


3 Skeins of Tosh DK in Thyme. 

I’m planning to make the With a Twist Blanket for my future/someday/maybe baby.

Last but not least, 7 skeins of Tosh Chunky in Curiosity.

I’m planning to make the http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/comfy for my bedroom. The pattern actually calls for two strands of worsted yarn held together but I’m substituting for a chunky yarn and possibly making it a little bigger.

Fun fact, when I first learned to crochet (years before knitting entered my life), I decided to knit a purple blanket for my room. Everything in my room is purple, by the way. The pattern I chose was a sampler afghan. I bought at least 10 skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn in two shades of purple and a linen color. I only made 3 blocks. Now there are two storage boxes of purple Vanna’s Choice in my craft room closet. I have no desire to finish that blanket. So, why am I buying yarn for a new blanket? Hopefully I’ll actually make this one. The chunky yarn should knit up pretty quickly and I have been really wanting to do a basket weave type blanket. I’m just hoping the yarn looks more purple than blue when it comes in. It’s hard to tell online and I am very picky about the purples in my bedroom.


This enormous purchase got me started in Eat.Sleep.Knit’s Yarnathon! I already passed the 1 mile and 5 kilometer marks, meaning I earned a welcome package and earned $20 store credit. Which means I get to go back and buy even more yarn! And then earn more prizes and more credit. Then buy even even more yarn! Then more more prizes and more more credits! And the buy even even even more yarn! So on and so forth until the bank repossesses my house because I can’t pay the mortgage and I am forced to turn my yarn stash into some kind of shelter and live under a bridge.

More Snowballing

I really need to stop. I seriously have a problem.


If you saw my last post, you’ll notice that I was seriously considering buying some yarn for a basket weave baby blanket. Which led me to looking at yarn online. I came across another blog that had an icon about a Yarnathon. That lead me to Eat Sleep Knit (an adorable shop design, by the way).

So that got me thinking… I could pick out baby blanket yarn there and, as a plus, I would enter the Yarnathon.

So I started looking for a worsted weight, sturdy wearing yarn that would be perfect for a baby blanket. Something that you can throw in the wash as needed and not have to worry too much about.

I decided on Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted. Now, I originally wanted something yellow so I considered the color Magnificent Mile. However, once I got looking at the colors, I really loved the color Growth. Now, if I knit this in green, it will look exactly like the blanket my mother already knit for my future/someday/maybe baby. But I really want to!

Then I saw the color Poppy. Now, I don’t want to do the blanket in Poppy, but it was such a gorgeous, spring color that is not what I would normally pick out for myself that it made me want to knit a sweater for myself. Which I have never done.

So then I had to find an awesome sweater pattern. I came across the Neck Down Wrap Cardigan which is Yarn Harlot approved.

So how could I resist adding 6 skeins of Poppy and 6 of Growth to my cart?

Now, I haven’t hit purchase yet (mainly because I’m writing this from work and my credit card is out of reach) but I really want to.

Have you ever read the book If You Give A Mouse a Cookie? I’m basically like that all the time. If you give me a pattern, I’m going to want some yarn. If you give me some yarn, I’m going to want some needles…

Finished Project: Turtle Set

Finally! I can post this!

The reason things have been so quiet around here is that all my knitting time has been devoted to finishing a cardigan and matching hat. One of my coworkers and his wife are expecting their first baby this fall. He’s taking a new job to be home with the kiddo so I had to quickly finish the set to get it to him today. I didn’t want to post anything about the project until I had given it so it could still be a surprise.

So now… the big reveal!

image(1) image image(2)

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I was trying to snap the shots last night while dealing with an injured and very drugged out dog.

Look! The buttons are turtles. I was determined to have teal buttons to match the yarn.

The sweater pattern is Buttons Cardigan #606. 

The hat is the Myshka Tuque except I did the edge in garter stitch so it would match the sweater.

The yarn is Debbie Macomber’s Wild Meadow in color Juneau.

The pattern was very easy to work. It’s knit top down in one piece with a garter stitch edge.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with this set (although I’m worried the hat is too big) and I hope the parents-to-be get good use out of it.

Not Everything I Do Goes Wrong

I swear!

While I’ve had a million issues with all my new projects I’m attempting to start with fancy yarns, I’ve also been working on a very simple baby cardigan in a very nice acrylic/wool blend. I haven’t posted much about it because it’s intended to be a gift and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But I’ve accomplished the collar, chest, and most of one sleeve so I am moving right along. The pattern is Buttons Cardigan #606 by Cabin Fever. I made one little flub on the collar because I thought I knew better than the pattern (I don’t) but nothing major. This project has gone surprisingly well (knock on wood).

I’ll share the sample photo because my project is going to be very different looking.