What Have I Done?

So I left work today planning to come home a read all night so I can start getting caught up on my to be read list.

What I actually did was eat fast food and fall asleep until 10 p.m.

When you sleep until 10 p.m., time loses all meaning to you.

Which is why I am shopping for yarn at nearly 2 a.m.

Perhaps the late hour is to be explained for the insane about of yarn I just bought. That and the fried chicken grease.

So here’s the damage:

6 Skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Worsted in Poppy 

I’m planning to make the #263 Neck Down Wrap Cardigan with it. I think it’ll look awesome in the bright poppy color. I am having some doubts about whether I should have chosen a more variegated yarn, like the example below to add interest. Thinking about my personal style though, I tend to wear more solid colors. I may already have a sweater in a very similar color… We’re not going to worry about that because that just means I already have jewelry to match.


3 Skeins of Tosh DK in Thyme. 

I’m planning to make the With a Twist Blanket for my future/someday/maybe baby.

Last but not least, 7 skeins of Tosh Chunky in Curiosity.

I’m planning to make the http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/comfy for my bedroom. The pattern actually calls for two strands of worsted yarn held together but I’m substituting for a chunky yarn and possibly making it a little bigger.

Fun fact, when I first learned to crochet (years before knitting entered my life), I decided to knit a purple blanket for my room. Everything in my room is purple, by the way. The pattern I chose was a sampler afghan. I bought at least 10 skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn in two shades of purple and a linen color. I only made 3 blocks. Now there are two storage boxes of purple Vanna’s Choice in my craft room closet. I have no desire to finish that blanket. So, why am I buying yarn for a new blanket? Hopefully I’ll actually make this one. The chunky yarn should knit up pretty quickly and I have been really wanting to do a basket weave type blanket. I’m just hoping the yarn looks more purple than blue when it comes in. It’s hard to tell online and I am very picky about the purples in my bedroom.


This enormous purchase got me started in Eat.Sleep.Knit’s Yarnathon! I already passed the 1 mile and 5 kilometer marks, meaning I earned a welcome package and earned $20 store credit. Which means I get to go back and buy even more yarn! And then earn more prizes and more credit. Then buy even even more yarn! Then more more prizes and more more credits! And the buy even even even more yarn! So on and so forth until the bank repossesses my house because I can’t pay the mortgage and I am forced to turn my yarn stash into some kind of shelter and live under a bridge.


New Projects

Why is it when I:

  1.  have several projects on the needles
  2. Have materials purchased for multiple future projects
  3. Need to be reading, not knitting, for reviews I have to write
  4. Still have two major papers for grad school due

Do I constantly look for new projects to knit that would require buying more yarn?

Here’s the progression my thoughts have taken. I was chatting with a friend about the Turtle Cardigan I just finished and she expressed that she would love more hand-knits for her kiddos.  I adore her children so I am more than happy to oblige. Besides, I have already had a project for her daughter picked out.

Anya turns 3 in January and I was thinking of making the Sweet Tee pattern for her from some extra red yarn I have that was left after I finished my grandmother’s Christmas blanket. I love the Berroco Vintage DK and how it works up, and the Cherry red is perfect for a little sweater tee. Not to mention, she would get it as a birthday gift plus be able to wear it for Valentine’s.

So I have that planned out, and have for awhile. However, it got me thinking that her son’s birthday is coming in September, so I really should pick out something for him. I have the Berocco Comfort DK yarn that I selected for a hoodie. The hoodie was originally going to be for the future baby that will now be receiving the Turtle set, but outstanding circumstances with the yarn store I ordered from (see my post Disappointing) have made it to where I don’t have enough yarn. I could still get it in time for the hoodie for Roman’s 1st. The pattern I like is Little Hoodlum.

So far, so good. Right? I’m planning projects to use up the yarn I already have and covering gifting occasions. Well, while looking around on Ravelry, I looked through my project notebook. Now, I’m not great about updating it (at all) and I had a project in there that I ended up frogging. My Mom knit this awesome, plush, basket weave baby blanket that I am very envious of. It made me want to knit one even though her’s is intended for my future child (someday, maybe). So I found a pattern and I had decided I should knit it in a nice, soft yellow.  I went to a major chain store for yarn (I wasn’t quite an LYS convert yet) and found the color I wanted. I got it home and started knitting but was very unsatisfied with the start. The yarn was very splitty and looked cheap when knit up. So I decided to try a local yarn store for something better. The shop didn’t really have the color I was picturing. Everything was too dark, dingy, or bright. I settled on some Wendy Peter Pan Velvet Touch yarn because the store owner basically talked me into it. I didn’t think she really had enough in stock, but she swore it would be. I wasn’t crazy about the texture of the yarn, even though it’s soft, because it’s kind of a fuzzy ribbon. I knit the border and half of the first row of squares before deciding that it wasn’t making the thick, defined pattern that I had envied about my Mom’s.

Disheartened, I gave up on the blanket. However, now I’m thinking I might like to give it another shot with a different yarn. I want something like this.

But I really don’t need to go yarn shopping. Right? RIGHT?

Someone stop me…

Finished Project: Turtle Set

Finally! I can post this!

The reason things have been so quiet around here is that all my knitting time has been devoted to finishing a cardigan and matching hat. One of my coworkers and his wife are expecting their first baby this fall. He’s taking a new job to be home with the kiddo so I had to quickly finish the set to get it to him today. I didn’t want to post anything about the project until I had given it so it could still be a surprise.

So now… the big reveal!

image(1) image image(2)

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I was trying to snap the shots last night while dealing with an injured and very drugged out dog.

Look! The buttons are turtles. I was determined to have teal buttons to match the yarn.

The sweater pattern is Buttons Cardigan #606. 

The hat is the Myshka Tuque except I did the edge in garter stitch so it would match the sweater.

The yarn is Debbie Macomber’s Wild Meadow in color Juneau.

The pattern was very easy to work. It’s knit top down in one piece with a garter stitch edge.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with this set (although I’m worried the hat is too big) and I hope the parents-to-be get good use out of it.

Not Everything I Do Goes Wrong

I swear!

While I’ve had a million issues with all my new projects I’m attempting to start with fancy yarns, I’ve also been working on a very simple baby cardigan in a very nice acrylic/wool blend. I haven’t posted much about it because it’s intended to be a gift and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But I’ve accomplished the collar, chest, and most of one sleeve so I am moving right along. The pattern is Buttons Cardigan #606 by Cabin Fever. I made one little flub on the collar because I thought I knew better than the pattern (I don’t) but nothing major. This project has gone surprisingly well (knock on wood).

I’ll share the sample photo because my project is going to be very different looking.


Modeling the new hat

Modeling the new hat

Yesterday I got to take the rainbow hat I made over to Toni for her kids. I had intended the hat for Roman, but knew it came out a little big. Luckily, it does fit him if the brim is rolled over, so that’s fantastic. The plus side is that the hat also fits his big sister, Anya, and she loved it. She even proclaimed “cute hat” when she saw it and then amused herself by taking it on and off and putting it on the baby. Toni was really excited about it as well. It’s always great to give a handmade gift to someone who really appreciates it.


The pictures were the best I could do with her wiggling and eating, but I think the blurry one is rather charming.

Attempting to feed crackers to the cat

Attempting to feed crackers to the cat

Finished Projects: Big Baby Blanket

I just finished my long paper for class, so I wanted to get a little post out tonight.

This is a blanket I finished over the summer that I particularly liked. The pattern is a simply corner-to-corner design I improvised. It really couldn’t be any easier. You just cast on two stitches, and then knit every stitch, increasing each row via yarn over until you’ve used up all your yarn. The you start decreasing. The yarn is Big Baby by Muench in Melon Mix.  This made for a nice, colorful, summer project. As you can see, I reserved some of my yarn to add tassels. I haven’t decided who this blanket will go to yet. I told some of my close, female friends that the first one to produce female offspring gets it.

The colors remind me of a rainbow snow cone.

Close up of the snow cone colors

Close up of the snow cone colors

Corner to Corner Blanket

Corner to Corner Blanket

Dessert Yarn: Part 3- The Product

I started a hat from the rainbow shade yarns I dyed with the Kool-Aid. I started with the Helix Striped Hat by Corrie Purdum but ended up significantly changing it. I did six rows of ribbing, two purl ridges in each color, and then 3 rows in the white. The rainbow yarn is my Cestari that I died and the white was some that I dug out of my stash. I think it is some variety of Dark Horse but I don’t remember.

I think the hat turned out too big for the baby it is for but he’ll grow into it. His mom saw the photo tonight and was very excited about this being his hat for spring.

Roman's Rainbow Hat

Roman’s Rainbow Hat

A few more things about dyeing with Kool-Aid:

  • The process smells delicious but don’t actually taste it (not that you would), because it is terribly bitter without the added sugar and in such a concentrated form. (not that anyone would taste it… I certainly didn’t). 
  • I ended up dyeing the purple and indigo a second time because I wasn’t happy with the final colors. The indigo is still patchy, but not bad.
  • You can microwave wool. Who knew? Not me.
  • Microwaving wool in a dye soak on and off for several hours will make your microwave nice and steamy, which is great for stuck on gunk. My microwave is nice and clean now.