Let There Be Sock!

I finished knitting my first ever sock! The yarn is a wonderful handspun from one of the ladies at my knitting night and it made the sock process a joy. I had originally planned on giving these sock pair to my mom (since I am not much of a sock wearer) but it came out fairly large. I have big feet and ankles so it fits me and I guess that means it’s meant to be mine. It still is slightly looser on me than I would like but, considering how rarely I wear real socks, I’m not concerned.

The weather in Texas yesterday was over 70 degrees so I got to sit on the patio and take a couple pictures. Of course, because this is Texas and we have fickle weather, it’s back down to 40 today.

In even bigger news than finishing one sock… I actually started the second! I did the ribbing last night. Take that, Second Sock Syndrome!

Of course, sock knitting has turned out to be perfect for watching my Korean dramas. All the stockinette means I don’t have to watch my hands so I can read the subtitles.

Can I just say, photographing your own foot is an awkward process…

photo 1 photo 2


Finished Project: Basic Baby Hat

After meeting my former coworker’s handsome baby, I started knitting this hat. You see, he came in wearing the hat I originally made him and it was far too big. So I decided to throw together a simple little thing from some stash yarn. The yarn is Berroco Comfort DK in Tea Party. I’m not crazy about the weird zebra-stripe way the color patterned out. However, the yarn is nice and soft and it will keep the little gent’s head warm for winter. The pattern is just some free, basic baby hat I found online and apparently didn’t save.

photo 1


Finished Project: Promise Me Lace Shawl

Finally, I got this photographed. I finished it October 1st and got it all blocked and pretty, but had yet to take any decent photos. So here it is, my first-ever lace shawl. And the first time using beads. And the first time using mohair. And the first time knitting with lace weight yarn. So, yeah, this is a bit of a personal accomplishment for me. I am superbly pleased by the result. The pattern is Promise Me by Boo Knits and is deceptively easy to knit. The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Dewberry. The beads were some random ones from Joann’s in the color Moonstone Mix. I didn’t have the frustrations with the yarn that many reported, although I admittedly would not have wanted to frog any significant number of stitches. Luckily, that wasn’t an issue in the project. Actually, it went shockingly well. There is one little section where I got a stitch off in the pattern repeat, but since it only affected about 12 stitches, its probably only noticeable to me. This was also the first time I’ve ever done a picot bind off and, although I’m pleased with the result, it took ages. Seriously, I clocked about 4 hours on just binding off.

photo 1 photo 4 photo 5 photo 2 photo 4

Finished Project: Elefante

Last night I finished my first ever knit toy, Elefante by Susan B. Anderson (which is free online, how nice!). The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Melt Away Mints. The yarn is so soft! I bought the yarn on a whim awhile back and threw the two skeins in my stash because I didn’t have a project in mind. The little elephant pattern just called out to me. There is also accents in a cream color from my scrap box that I couldn’t tell you the name of.

I’m somewhat happy with the overall project. My knitting was good but got marred by my poor seaming skills and inept embroidery of the eyes. Either way, little Ellie found her spot on my bookshelf.

Fun fact: the project called for poly pellets to weigh down the feet and body. I couldn’t find those at Joann’s and ended up using cheap pony beads. For only $2 they did the trick.

Ellie's new home on the paperbacks

Ellie’s new home on the paperbacks

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A Brief Post and a Brief Sock

I have had ideas for so may posts here, I even have pictures taken of so much yarn. Sadly, being busy, having migraines, reading, yarn crawling, and (yes) actual knitting has kept me away from the blog. So I just wanted to briefly share the tiny sock I knit. It is rather poorly knit as I wasn’t in much of a mood to follow directions I had to read. But it’s a sock, and it has been placed on the little blocker and pinned to my craft room bulletin board. I got the supplies and pattern as part of a Wee Tiny Sock kit on Etsy, however I can no longer find any available. The designer is Meg Bakewell, who has cooked up some really creative variations on the Wee Tiny sock. I have another blocker from her that I will have to use eventually. I think the yarn is Silk Cloud by Shibui Knits . 

There is actual a circle cut out of the blocker with a strand of decorative beads across it but my sock came out too tall and covers it up.


Finished Project: Knit Night Gloves

Well, I finished the first of the Knit Night Gloves back in February and I only just now got over Second Sock Syndrome (or Second Glove in this case) and finished the second. It turns out the cure was to finish one slipper and be so desperate to avoid doing the matching slipper that I would work on this long-dormant project.

I had one snag… I decided to stay up incredibly late last night to finish the glove, in spite of my migraine. So, there I sat at 3 a.m., pounding migraine, hurriedly finishing this glove while watching The White Queen. I have now learned that early morning hours plus a headache does not equal the best pattern reading. I took “repeat for rows 3-5” to be “repeat 5 times”. So, the second cuff turned out a couple rows longer than on the first glove. I think I’ve basically decided that I can live with the mistake because I honestly don’t want to tink back the entire bind off edge and two rows of stitches. Also, I made these gloves and the matching hat because I bought the yarn on a very special vacation to New Orleans and really wanted to use it up. I’m not much on wearing hats or gloves (especially fingerless ones), but the memories from that vacation make the yarn too precious to give away, so I will most likely end up keeping them and not actually wearing them. Basically what I’m saying is, it really doesn’t matter that they don’t match.

The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Zarzamora and the pattern is Knit Night Gloves. 

photo 5

This picture doesn’t do the pretty color justice

Finished: Canyon Breeze Cowl

I finished my moebius cowl from the first month of the Mountain Colors Yarn Club from Paradise Fibers. The pattern was called Canyon Breeze, but I can’t find it on Ravelry so I don’t have a link for you. The yarn is Mountain Colors Monarch in Harmony Aspen. The cowl had a faux-cable pattern which I’m almost certain I did wrong but the result was fine. I didn’t understand the whole “skip two stitches, knit into the 3rd stitch” part. I was knitting into the front of that stitch instead of knitting normally but that’s ok. I also had to learn the kitchener stitch and provisional cast on for this project.

I will be giving this to my boss, because she loves blue.

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