The following blog contains entirely pointless updates regarding knitting, my life, and how those two come together.

About the Blog:

This Blog is Not:

  • An experts advice on knitting
  • The blog of someone who was born with needles in their hands
  • Always going to be about knitting (but I’ll try).

This Blog is:

  • The diary of my journey of discovery, trying new things, and improving on my knitting – the ups and the downs.

About Me:


Instagram selfie

A vaguely academic librarian, book reviewer, perpetual student, as well as a pretty crafty chick. Generally, a punkass book jockey.

Staff reviewer over at All About Romance.

In addition to my knitting habit I also crochet (rarely), spin, read copious amounts of books, and watch far more Korean dramas than is well-advised… oh and I have a real job and recently finished my Master’s Degree in Library Science. In January, I started another Masters program, this time in English and Creative Writing – Fiction Concentration.

You may occasionally hear about my cohabitants: a Blue Heeler mix named Nola


Miss Nola

and two cats named Cullen and O’Malley. None of them are particularly helpful when it comes to knitting and have been known to steal yarn, pull threads, and chew needles.

Cullen looks appropriately evil in this photo.






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