Doing the Unthinkable

So I am, after a year of avoiding them, knitting a sock. Nothing fancy, just a plain old stockinette sock. I am not big on wearing socks (I’m more of a barefoot girl) so I planned to give this sock (so ever produce its mate) to my mom. She’s a knitter and constantly cold so she seemed like the ideal person to appreciate a sock knit from handspun yarn.

Unfortunately, this sock is seeming… rather large. My mom is a skinny, short little thing and so her ankles and feet are fairly thin. This sock is big enough around, somehow, that it would be pretty saggy on her.

The good news is that I have big feet and ankles (I blame my sturdy, Czech ancestry) so they will fit me. Now that I’m on to knitting the foot I even slipped it on to test it and it really does fit me well. But that means I have to knit the foot long enough to accommodate my US size 10 foot. Not a huge issue, right?

Here’s my concern… sock number two. With how large sock one will be… I didn’t really consider the amount of yarn left over to create the second sock. It really might not be enough and, given the handspun nature, I can’t get any more.

I intend to weight sock one when it’s complete and then weight my remaining yarn to see how it will pan out. It may be fine. Maybe that ball of yarn is wound tighter than it looks and the smallish sized ball holds a deceptive amount of yarn. It’s totally possible. I’m tempted to weight the sock now but that would include the needles and not all of the required yarn so it wouldn’t be accurate.

I won’t lie, if this falls through… it might be what ruins me for knitting socks forever…


5 thoughts on “Doing the Unthinkable

  1. See, I LOVE knitting socks, so here’s a tip. Weigh your ball first, then wind a second ball from the first one until both balls weigh the same. That way you have 1 ball of yarn per sock and no guessing. πŸ™‚

    • That’s what I should have done but the day that ball was wound I was iced in at my parents house. They didn’t have a scale I could use. We didn’t have a swift either so I made my mom hold the hank while I wound all 465 yards by hand.

  2. Ayup. I’ve never done socks. Probably never will. The weighing idea is clever, though, I’ll try to remember that for the next time I’m working on fingerless mitts πŸ™‚ (Which are WAAAY better than socks, though I don’t know why.)

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