Knit Envy

Only a knitter would go into their local doughnut shop on a cold morning like today and leave thinking, “I need to knit a shawl like the one the cashier had on”.

It was soft grey. A very simple rectangular shape with a simple ruffled border.

It looked nice and cozy and left me thinking that I really need a simple shawl that is actually warm.

I could totally knit it with no problem. The biggest problem is that when I start browsing shawl patterns I always find myself picking out lace instead of actual warm things.

Now I’m finding myself wanting to check Ravelry for similar patterns and hunt down some soft, neutral colored yarn that could go with any out. Which I totally don’t need to do because my stash is already out of control and my queue is ridiculously long.

Stupid knit envy.

5 thoughts on “Knit Envy

  1. Ah bad knit envy, you do realise you will be lost for hours on Ravelry and end up with at least 12 more projects on your to do list …. stupid very bad knit envy

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