And Suddenly… She Leapt

After roughly six months of agonizing over writing classes and MA/MFA writing programs and money and time and everything else… I just did it. I sent in an application for the online Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University. Although I had been leaning toward an MFA program instead, and even though I don’t relish taking literature class, I do know someone currently finishing up this program that has had a great experience. So, I just stopped thinking and applied.

This included doing one thing that has terrified me all along, sending in a creative writing sample. I pulled up a piece of writing from a few years ago, did a quick proofread, and hit send before my self-doubt could overcome me. Something kind of magical happened. As I sat there reading over the roughly seven pages of writing that three-years-ago me typed into existence I thought, “This is really good. Who wrote this? Oh wait… me!” I was actually getting drawn into the story and forgetting to be critical of myself. I really felt as though some other person had written these words and I had to remind myself; not only did I write it, I could do it again.

There’s still some technical things to sort out paperwork-wise with my application as well as the nasty thought of actually paying for the classes. And I won’t even consider the “will I actually finish this program?” or “do I really feel like doing homework again?” lines of thought.

Frankly, I’m proud of myself for this little venture and that’s enough for now.


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