Knit Crate

Although I forgot to blog about it, a month or so ago I decided to try out Knit Crate. They had the option to sample their subscription one time and I got the Baby and Intermediate/Advanced sets. I was really pleased so I decided to subscribe. I will possibly go back and blog those that I got but, for now, I’m moving on to my November subscription.

First of all, I may have subscribed to every yarn subscription service available (with the exception of those put out by a specific brand). Knit Crate is my favorite so far. It is costly, but great. Now, I went a little crazy with the subscribing. First I decided to subscribe to the mini set on a bi-monthly basis so I could get mini skeins for the Beekeeper quilt (which I have now abandoned so I may get rid of this subscription after the first month). Then I signed up for the bi-monthly Intermediate/Advanced crate. It was after I had done both of those things that I learned Knit Crate had planned extra special crates for November and December and I really wanted them. Due to the payment and shipping set up, the bi-monthly crates take 2 months to ship your first order. Which means I wouldn’t get a crate until January and would miss the special ones. I then went back and got a 3rd subscription for the Indie crate.

So now I am flush with Knit Crate subscriptions, two of which will most likely get cancelled after a month or two. But I accomplished my goal of getting the special crates. November is the anniversary of Knit Crate opening so they amped up the crate. With my indie subscription, I got two GORGEOUS hanks of Northumbria DK from Miss Babs in Jack Frost. The color is so great. It isn’t something I would’ve picked up for myself since I rarely do blues or grays but it is so lovely. Plus, it was inspired by the creator’s dog, so it is even more awesome. I haven’t chosen a pattern yet, but I’m excited to use it.

photo 3


The crate also included a Knit Kit, which is one of the handiest all-in-one tools a knitter can have. There was also an adorable tea infuser from Tea Forte (please excuse my lack of accent mark here, my keyboard is not cooperating), as well as coupon codes for several free or discounted knitting patterns. This was probably my favorite yarn subscription shipment I’ve received yet and I can’t wait for next month!

2 thoughts on “Knit Crate

  1. I haven’t signed up for a Knitcrate subscription but I have purchased kits from them and been very pleased. Last week I ordered 2 skeins of Miss Bab’s Northumbria in Jack Frost and a blocking mat. I’m hoping the yarn will be like the skeins you pictured. Some complained that they received a gray color. Though I love Miss Bab’s yarns anyway. Hope you found a project for yours.

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