Finished Project: Elefante

Last night I finished my first ever knit toy, Elefante by Susan B. Anderson (which is free online, how nice!). The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Melt Away Mints. The yarn is so soft! I bought the yarn on a whim awhile back and threw the two skeins in my stash because I didn’t have a project in mind. The little elephant pattern just called out to me. There is also accents in a cream color from my scrap box that I couldn’t tell you the name of.

I’m somewhat happy with the overall project. My knitting was good but got marred by my poor seaming skills and inept embroidery of the eyes. Either way, little Ellie found her spot on my bookshelf.

Fun fact: the project called for poly pellets to weigh down the feet and body. I couldn’t find those at Joann’s and ended up using cheap pony beads. For only $2 they did the trick.

Ellie's new home on the paperbacks

Ellie’s new home on the paperbacks

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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