A Brief Post and a Brief Sock

I have had ideas for so may posts here, I even have pictures taken of so much yarn. Sadly, being busy, having migraines, reading, yarn crawling, and (yes) actual knitting has kept me away from the blog. So I just wanted to briefly share the tiny sock I knit. It is rather poorly knit as I wasn’t in much of a mood to follow directions I had to read. But it’s a sock, and it has been placed on the little blocker and pinned to my craft room bulletin board. I got the supplies and pattern as part of a Wee Tiny Sock kit on Etsy, however I can no longer find any available. The designer is Meg Bakewell, who has cooked up some really creative variations on the Wee Tiny sock. I have another blocker from her that I will have to use eventually. I think the yarn is Silk Cloud by Shibui Knits . 

There is actual a circle cut out of the blocker with a strand of decorative beads across it but my sock came out too tall and covers it up.


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