New Knitting Spot

I got new couches this week! I am so ready to be rid of my old sofas. They were do worn out and dirty. The love seat had the corners eaten off by the dog. They needed to go. The new furniture has a chaise style end so this has given me a new spot for knitting and reading. I already love it. I have been there, propped up, for hours this week. The only thing missing is a table on that end of the couch for a drink and some notions.

This coming weekend I plan to paint the living room green. My old couches were green so I am missing the pop of color.

Nola got her own new couch as well to encourage her to stay off the couches. It has already been a challenge and I have gotten a number of pitiful looks and sighs.

SInce things were feeling new and fresh, I decided to change up some of my accessories as well. The buffet table below got the pictures changed out and the wood foxes are new.

photo 8photo 5photo 9

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