Spinning, Finally

After the frustration over my first two spinning attempts (which were totally unsuccessful), I brought home my wheel and let it sit there, all packed up, for more than a week. Every time I thought about unpacking it I decided I didn’t have the time or energy to devote to being totally flummoxed by my spinning wheel.

Finally, Sunday night I decided to try it anyway. I set the wheel up and pulled out the giant bag of Perendale-Romney I purchased. I threaded on my leader, drafting the heck out of my fiber, and started treadling…

It worked! It was like magic. Yes I was making lumpy, wool, ugly rope, but I was spinning! Yarn was actually forming and being pulled onto the bobbin (which never happened at my lesson). I was so happy I spent several hours spinning away and even plied a bit.

I had to wonder though, what was so different than the last time I tried? The fiber. So I took out the fiber I was given with my wheel (that I had been practicing on) and attempted to spin it. Yet again, it wouldn’t do anything that I wanted. I compared this fiber with the Perendale-Romney and there were some marked differences. First of all, the mystery fiber was dense and stiff. I could not get it to draft well at all. Even pre-drafting it was a challenge. The Romney is light, airy and drafts like a breeze. I think I’m going to take the mystery fiber to my knitting group to see if anyone can clarify why it is giving me such trouble.

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

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