Rife with Problems

Well my plans for the Juturna Shawl have been dashed. Either I’m struggling too much with the pattern and making mistakes, or the pattern has issues. Since I already caught one error for sure, and I’m a mediocre knitter, I have a feeling both are the problem. After powering through close to 200 yards of yarn in this pattern, I gave up. The lace section was a total mess. I decided to just frog it and try to find another pattern. I was being as careful as possible with following the pattern and even tinked and backtracked several times, but things were not gelling.

Sadly, I can’t find another pattern I like for my pretty turquoise gradient yarn. At least not yet. I guess it’s going back in the stash for awhile.

Immediately before frogging

Immediately before frogging

2 thoughts on “Rife with Problems

  1. I’m sorry you had to frog Juturna, and it looks like you were doing so well! You were at the most difficult part of the pattern, and your yarn looks great, it would have been interesting to see it in a gradient. If you feel like starting it again, just email me with any problems you have and I can talk you through it.


    • Somehow the number of stitches I had at the end of the row was off about every third row. I’m not sure what the issue was. I did notice that I think there is an error in the earlier part of the pattern. I don’t have it in front of me, but I believe the second YO is missing in the set up for the stockinette border.

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