I Don’t Even Knit Socks…

So why am I picking out sock patterns?

And buying yarn?

And wondering if I have the right needles?

Why am I making all the plans for socks?

Especially since I know that I will get SSS (second sock syndrome) and never complete the second sock.

To make matters worse, my only attempt at knitting socks ended in the ankle and heel with no gusset or foot.

And since I don’t even wear socks except in the coldest winter times (which is rare in Texas).

The only justification I can find is that these are darn cute socks.

I bought yarn to do them in black and white with pink hearts.

The yarn I chose is ShibuiKnits Sock in Abyss, Ivory, and Blush.

Love Sock by Devon Clement


The yarn arrived. It is very soft and squishy. If I’m going to knit socks, at least I’ll be doing it with great yarn. My colors will be different than the example photo, but I think I’ll like them.

photo 3

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Knit Socks…

    • I’m thinking of using this as a chance to teach myself 2-at-a-time socks. That will hopefully eliminate SSS. Although I don’t know enough about sock knitting or two at a times to know whether this pattern will work with that. I may need to call in some experts.

      • I’ve thought about trying that, but the only pair of socks I have knit were stranded and that would have been a nightmare.

        I’ll cheer you on as you try lol 🙂 Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.

      • I won books on how to do regular two at a times and toe ups but haven’t attempted either. I definitely couldn’t see doing stranded socks 2 at a time. Just think of how many strings would be going at any time? Too many

    • I haven’t! I was going along EatSleepKnit and trying to find one brand of yarn that offered the colors I wanted and Shibui was the lucky one. I hope I like it! I’m also considering attempting 2 at a time socks with this so there will actually be a legitimate chance of me having a pair of socks in the end.

      • Shibui Sock is awesome! It’s like the springiest yarn ever & the colors are fab! I do about half of my socks 2-at-a-time – the cast on can be tricky at first, but once you get going it gets easier and is AWESOME when you finish!

      • It came in tonight! I really like it, and I don’t care for a lot of sock yarns because they’re on the stiff side.
        I’m excited to try out the two at a time socks but I feel like I should finish the slippers I’m making first

  1. You should definitely try the two socks at a time on way or another. I usually cast on both socks on separate needles and go back and forth between the two.

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