OMG Knitting

One of my favorite things to do is to browse the patterns on Ravelry when things are slow. I will go through the most popular patterns or look for matches for yarn I have in my stash. I am still not a very accomplished knitter so there are a lot of things I am totally blown away by because either they are something I don’t know how to accomplish, I don’t have the dedication/concentration for, or that are amazing feats in pattern writing. I thought I would share some of the ones I have recently come across.

  1. Embrace Octopus Sweater – wow. The amount of time to create and implement this color-work boggles the mind.
  2. Celestarium – At first glance, this looks like a large, beautiful shawl with some random yarn overs and beads worked in. It is actually a large, beautiful shawl with a chart of the night sky, as seen from the North Pole. Not only is this incredibly impressive, this is not the first shawl of this type. They also offer one of the Southern Skies. An impressive feat of pattern making.

3. Deathflake Mittens – This pattern taught me that Norwegian’s are badass knitters. I love that this pattern looks like a regular colorwork but upon closer inspection has skulls. These are pretty awesome mittens, if you ask me.

4. Central Park Coat – I just love the style of this design. I especially love this fact that it is reversible.

5. Cathedral Rose Window Afghan – this isn’t knitting, it’s crochet, but it is still massively impressive. Look through some of the Ravelry projects to see some of the fantastic color combinations.

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