Spinning Lesson

I had my first lesson (and first ever hands on experience with a spinning wheel) today at the Sassy Spinster in Lancaster, TX. Well, first of all, spinning is harder than it looks. The first half an hour or so, I wasn’t even getting any yarn onto the bobbin. It was just twisting and making a mess and not even passing over the hooks because it was such a twisty mess. I took about an hour to get to the point where something actually appeared to be happening. I was making… something. But I was still holding onto the fiber too long so it was getting over twisted. The instructor let me muddle and struggle for awhile so I could start getting the hand of dealing with my problems and figure things out on my own. After she made me take a break, get something to drink, and walk around for awhile, she pulled off the mess I had made so far and let me start fresh. My second pass was still pretty just rope, but the tangling was much less of an issue.

The wadded up results of my first spinning attempt.

The wadded up results of my first spinning attempt.

While I was definitely not taking to spinning like a duck to water, I could tell by the end of the two hours that some meager progress had happened. I decided to go ahead and order my own wheel. I chose the Kromski Sonata. It is the wheel my lesson was on and I like the look of it and it was only slightly out of my budget. Plus it comes with a built in lazy kate and the carrying bag. I’m so excited for it to arrive so I can make a mess of some more fiber. 🙂

What my new wheel will look like!


2 thoughts on “Spinning Lesson

  1. I laughed so hard at this. tears were rolling down my cheeks. I know exactly what you are going thru. I am going thru the same thing. I keep saying, everyone else can do this why not me. this can’t be this difficult.

    • Let me just say, now that some time has passed and I have a wheel at home, I blame the fiber I was working with that day. I have yet to have as hard of a time again. I got some perendale-romney and even some merino and I can spin it, while not perfectly, without wanted to kick my wheel. After more practice I went back to try the fiber the teacher had sent home with me and I STILL can’t spin it. So don’t be scared to experiment with your fibers.

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