The Sassy Spinster

The happy half of my Saturday included driving to Lancaster, Texas to visit this adorable little spinning shop known as the Sassy Spinster. I heard about it from some people at knitting night and it seems to be one of the only shops in the area that caters to spinners. I made the roughly 40 minute drive out there to see what she offered in the way of spinning wheels. Oh yeah!! My graduation present from my parent’s was the money to purchase a wheel! I walked into the shop and spotted a little dog napping under a table and a bird singing away in its cage. The front room is filled with yarn and handwoven or knit samples. One of the other customers encouraged me to wander to the back of the shop to see the rest of its offerings. On the way, I ran into the owner. I explained that I don’t know how to spin but would like to learn and am interested in a spinning wheel.

I was totally amazed by her kindness. She showed me three of the wheels in shop and then sat me down for a talk about wheels. She is a dealer of Kromski wheels. While I don’t know enough yet to speak to the quality or features of those wheels, I can say they’re beautiful. They all have the very classic, turned wood look that you picture a spinning wheel to have. She ended up spending about an hour with me talking wheels and letting me treadle her Sonata wheel.

I am going back on Saturday to take a spinning lesson and possibly order a spinning wheel! I’m super excited.

Lancaster's historica town square

Lancaster’s historic town square

The shop front

The shop front

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