Sad Saturday

Saturday brought with it a very mixed up day. I was excited to sleep in after my busy week (see last post), but my first phone call upon waking around noon was my Dad who was just about to bury my parent’s dog who died unexpectedly. Their black lab mix dog, who was three years old, was a master at breaking out of their chain link fence. Unfortunately, this ended up leading to him being hit by a car early Saturday morning. He survived the initial incident but his tail was ripped off and all that was left was the bone (this is the point in the phone call where I lost it and started sobbing). My parents found him on the porch bleeding profusely and rushed him to the emergency vet. Although there was a possibility to amputate the tail and patch up that area, the risks for infection, necrosis, and severe nerve damage was so high that they vet didn’t suggest the surgery. My parents had to make the humane choice to put him down and save him from what would have been a long, painful journey that didn’t guarantee recovery. My parents are both very saddened by the incident and I had two incredibly sad conversations with them.

I don’t have anything profound to say about this. Just that it was terrible, unexpected, difficult, and now my dog has lost her favorite playmate. My family is big on owning animals and we care very deeply for them, so this has been a painful experience. My parent’s already lost their two other dogs this year to old age. Those were two of the dogs that I raised when I lived at home so saying goodbye to them was terrible, but at least they lived their life and we knew when the end was coming. Poor Jasper didn’t have that chance.

Just talking about this made be sad all over again so I need to go hug my puppy.

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