Well, it finally happened. Friday, August 9, I graduated with my Master of Library Science. I am so incredibly relieved and overjoyed to be done. I finished my program incredibly quickly (It took about 14 months) because I loaded myself with three classes a semester. Each semester, my advisor’s office warned me that that three classes could be hard to handle, and I assured them I would be fine. I was, honestly. It was a lot of work on top of already working 30 hours a week at the library, but not undoable. This last semester, I assured the advising office that, not only could I take three classes, I could do my comprehensive exam on top of it (even though one of the classes I was taking was considered a prerequisite for the test). After some deliberation, they agreed to allow me to do, against their advice. I scheduled a week of vacation from work and spent it engrossed in stress and writing my end of program exam. They warned me I might not pass but I did. I got behind on my work for my regular classes but I managed a breakneck schedule of catching up. The last few weeks of classes were exhausting. One class (Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry) had a very heavy workload. In the days leading up to graduation I was staying up until 2 a.m., working on my final assignments while at my actual job, and being more and more tired and worn out. The night before graduation I thought I would get a good night’s sleep to catch up, but stayed up to read instead. Graduation day meant waking up, getting dressed, driving the hour to my college, standing in a very warm room in full regalia and heels for over an hour, sitting through two hours of ceremony, then a huge dinner with the family, a very long drive home in a storm with my mother (don’t get me started on that), then a change of clothes and back out for drinks with friends. By Friday evening I stumbled home tired and hot in a way I have rarely been in my life. And now it is all done! And I believe I finished it all with a 4.0 GPA (I still need the grade from my final class but, unless I bombed the final annotated bibliography, I expect an A).

Here’s a few pictures to represent the day of graduation for me.

A green apple jolly rancher bomb and Sara's  bizarre shot

A green apple jolly rancher bomb and Sara’s bizarre shot


My view while waiting at the Coliseum for graduation


Family dinner panorama


My in Jim Bean sunglasses they gave us at the bar


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