Another Let Down

New ImageMy July Yarnbox came today. Last month, I wasn’t overjoyed with the yarn that arrived because the color was not at all my taste. This month, it is the style of yarn I’m not crazy about.

The yarns are from Darn Good Yarn and all of them are from recycled materials. Although I appreciate the mission of Darn Good Yarn, I’m not big on novelty style yarns. Darn Good Yarn has a mission of helping women in India and Nepal to earn a livable wage through yarn production. I think that this goal is fantastic and, if you like the style of yarn, this would be a great company to shop at.

The blue, recycled silk yarn is ok. It’s sort of soft but has a very heavy texture to it. It could make a funky hat. However, the ribbon yarn (made from pieces of saris) is just not my thing at all.

I think that Yarnbox has a great concept going, I’m just worried that whoever selects the yarn and I have very different tastes. So far none of the colors or textures have been something I would select for myself. I’m subscribed for one more month, but I have a feeling I’ll be cancelling after that.

5 thoughts on “Another Let Down

  1. This is exactly the reason I don’t belong to any Yarn of the Month -clubs or similar. My choice of yarn is a bit old fashioned in some way. I like natural fibers and I don’t like bright colors or novelty style yarns and I’m afraid I would end up with yarns I wouldn’t want to use. Have to admire your spirit, I would have cancelled after a box like that 🙂

    • Yeah, and the first box was fairly plain yarn texture wise, but the colors were really variegated and I think it’s going to knit up ugly.
      I did really like my first shipment from Paradise Fiber’s yarn club. They only do hand dyed wool from Montana so it’s a little more traditional looking.

    • I’ve looked into (and did a post about it awhile back) and at the time I researched it I decided against it because their kit for the month was a hot water bottle cover, which greatly didn’t appeal to me. Once I am done with my Paradise Fibers yarn club, I will definitely look into it again

  2. I ordered 3mths of the luxe box as a gift for a friend and had a horrible experience with the owner. Their site advertised free shipping, so when the bill arrived with shipping charged, I inquired. He told me it was a mistake, but I have to pay shipping regardless and that he can’t “let our customers capitalize on price mistakes and technical glitches”. Seriously? I ordered >$200 of yarn, it’s not the $15 of shipping that I had an issue with, but what was advertised and his comment is very much uncalled for. In the end, since he refused to make whole on the shipping, I was only offered the option to cancel the order. My friend (gift receipient) said I should, her view is that we can’t even trust them to honor what’s advertised, how can we trust that we’ll get good stuff in the box. So in the end I cancelled, they said they refunded, but after a few days I still didn’t see that happen so I disputed on my credit card.

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