Finished Project: Escargot Hat

I finished this hat the other day and it has already been given to my coworker. She is having a rough time right now because he kitty is sick and I thought it would look good on her.

I did have to stretch my skills just a little to make this one because it uses a cable cast on, which I hadn’t done before. I really like how it turned out. It is knit all as one piece, which was great. I did have one issue that is concerning, the red dye ran when  rinsed it. The color coming off was so bad that my hands turned pink as I knit. If anyone has tips for how to handle this in the future, I’d be happy to hear them, because the yellow did get kind of stained.

The yarn is Sundara’s Aran Silky Merino in Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Drop. The pattern is Escargot by Veronica Parsons, which is available for free. It’s escargot because of the snail like pattern on the hat (escargot is French for snail).

I have yarn left over from this that is enough to make another version of the hat with the colors reversed, but I may do a different pattern.


image_1 image



Bargain Shopping

So one of out local yarn shops is closing so she is trying to clear out her inventory. Monday I stopped in to see what kind of discounts were available. Things were only marked down about 20%, but I heard that yesterday they were dropped a little more. So, if you’re in the DFW area, you may be happy to find out that Yarn Heaven in Arlington is closing.

Here’s what I picked up:

2 skeins of Hand Maiden Lace Silk in (what I think is) Natural. I may be counting my chicks before they hatch, since I’m single, but I’d like to use this for a wedding shawl someday.







Hand Maiden Sea Silk in Boreal. I’m not sure at all what I’ll make with this. I have another skein in a different color already in my stash.







Artyarns Rhapsody Glitter Light. The color just has H6 Gold. From investigating online, I think the color is called Umber. I have a nice little shawl pattern chosen for this because I think it will go well with the shawl pin I also bought (pictured below)







I also picked up some random notions I probably needed anyway like stitch markers, cables for my needle set, and these cute sheep point protectors for DPNs. I also got a wooden shawl pin that I think will be good with the Rhapsody yarn.








Also some good news for the week:

1. Only 2 more weeks until I graduate with my masters and escape the homework vortex I’m in right now

2. The additional yarn I need for my Comfy blanket finally came in (maybe now I can finish it by the time the weather turns cool.

Another Let Down

New ImageMy July Yarnbox came today. Last month, I wasn’t overjoyed with the yarn that arrived because the color was not at all my taste. This month, it is the style of yarn I’m not crazy about.

The yarns are from Darn Good Yarn and all of them are from recycled materials. Although I appreciate the mission of Darn Good Yarn, I’m not big on novelty style yarns. Darn Good Yarn has a mission of helping women in India and Nepal to earn a livable wage through yarn production. I think that this goal is fantastic and, if you like the style of yarn, this would be a great company to shop at.

The blue, recycled silk yarn is ok. It’s sort of soft but has a very heavy texture to it. It could make a funky hat. However, the ribbon yarn (made from pieces of saris) is just not my thing at all.

I think that Yarnbox has a great concept going, I’m just worried that whoever selects the yarn and I have very different tastes. So far none of the colors or textures have been something I would select for myself. I’m subscribed for one more month, but I have a feeling I’ll be cancelling after that.

Pleasantly Surprised

So I signed up for yet another yarn club. This one is from Paradise Fibers (a site I have been going to to ogle the spinning wheels) and is a monthly shipment of Mountain Colors yarn. Now, I had never even seen or touched a skein of Mountain Colors when I signed up so I had no idea what to expect. When the first shipment came in yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised. The yarn, Mountain Colors Monarch in Aspen (I think), is beautiful and so very soft. One thing I like about this yarn club over Yarnbox is that they include a pattern that actually goes with the yarn they sent (makes perfect sense to me). Also, if you finish the project by the next shipment, you get $10 off the next month. If you finish after, you still get $5. The pattern they included is a faux-cable cowl that I actually like. The yarn is worsted weight and the cowl is done on US10 needles, so I could probably get it done in time. They also threw in a digital row counter for your finger, which is neat because I don’t have one of those.

image_3 image_2



My Pretties!

My yarn from Sundara finally came in! It’s so soft and the colors are gorgeous and deep. I got the Aran Silky Merino in Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Drop. And look at the adorable kitty tag!

image_1I think I’m going to make hats with them because I saw a pattern where someone made two hats from the same yarns (just different colors) and they’re really cute. The pattern is Escargot and the two skeins should be enough for two hats, one in Raspberry with Lemon trim and the other in Lemon with Raspberry trim.

Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee

As part of the Read-a-Thon, they asked us to name our favorite female character from a book. Mine would probably be Morgaine from the Mists of Avalon. I read this book ages ago and I am just now reading it again, this time as an audiobook. I think what I loved about Morgaine is how strong she is in the face of everything that happens in the story. Mists of Avalon tells from when Morgaine is a toddler, before Arthur’s birth, until Arthur’s death. She takes on a lot of challenges but manages to remain in control. She also is a character that is not cut and dried, good/bad. She’s compelling.

And talking about this makes me want to rewatch the movie they made of this book, even though it wasn’t very good.