Hotel Knitting

I just returned from an institute with my graduate school in Denton. We had to go for a two day orientation for a class and, let me tell you, listening to lectures from 8am to 5pm for two days was a little torturous. I searched for the best knitting project to take. My favored project at the moment is the Comfy blanket, but with roughly a foot long and 40 inch wide swatch of blanket hanging off the cable, it’s not exactly a lap sized project anymore. Although knitters know we can knit and listen at the same time, non-knitters sometimes aren’t understanding. So I wanted to take a smaller project. I ended up pulling out a baby blanket I started… I can’t recall when. A year ago maybe? It’s a simple little garter stitch number worked corner to corner. Then you go back and add a fancy border. I’d love to link to the project but I got it from the Knitting Fairy and I can’t find it online. Actually, I can’t even find my print copy of the pattern right now, so once I hit the halfway point I need to go get another copy from her. The yarn is Cascade Cherub DK in Ballerina 504.

I ended up not even knitting the first day because the professor was getting such an attitude about people not taking notes. I’m not a note taker, ever. I never go back and read the notes I took so I rarely see a reason to do it, but whatever. Also, I think that by the end of my Master’s degree, I should be able to decide whether I’d like to take notes. I don’t need some overbearing professor dictating my actions.

The second day, our actual professor was gone and we only had the teacher assistants but I still didn’t knit much. The only time I really did any knitting was after I finished a mountain of homework but before bed at the hotel.

So I thought I’d share some pictures of where I spent the last two days. It was a pretty nice hotel considering how cheap it was.

baby blanket hotel hotel1

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