Some Beginnings

New Image

My Tosh DK alongside photos of two of my dearly departed dogs.

The other night I decided to temporarily abandon my Comfy blanket to work on a little baby blanket. I’m still waiting on the yarn for the Comfy to come back in stock. I have about twelve skeins of the Tosh Chunk I need for the Comfy, which means I’m only short by six. However, I’m nervous that I’m going to end up with noticeably different colors for the final six skeins, and thus have been delaying doing much knitting until they arrive. Thus, I moved to a project I have all the yarn for.

I cast on the With a Twist blanket in Tosh DK Thyme. The color is really beautiful. I’ve only done about 10 rows of the border, so it’s hard to say how I feel about the pattern so far.

Well my school semester started on Tuesday, which means my final semester of grad school has officially commenced. This weekend I’m going to a two day orientation for one of my classes. Which means I’ll be sitting in a lecture from 8am-5pm for two whole days. You know I’ve got to take some knitting. I really thought and thought the other night for the best project something to take. Something mindless, but interesting. Lap sized. And something I have all the supplies for. I’m having a hard time deciding. I’d like to take the Comfy blanket, but it is a little larger to knit discretely. The With a Twist requires a little too much attention right now. I browsed through the stash but nothing really stood out to me. I’ll have to keep thinking and decide what to take.

Besides my regular classes starting, I also have a comprehensive exam that I’ll be taking all of next week. Which means very little knitting will be done and, thus, very little blogging. It’s going to be a very busy summer for me, but I hope it’s all worth it when I get that diploma in August.

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