I was so excited to start my Comfy blanket with my new, beautiful, purple yarn. The yarn came in and I eagerly went online to download the pattern. Now, the pattern called for two strands of worsted weight yarn held together. I had decided to use one strand of chunky. The yarn I intended to use was Tosh Chunky. However, when it came in, I realized it wasn’t really a chunky yarn. I checked Ravelry and they have it listed as an Aran. So that’s not nearly as thick as I was wanting. I shook my head, but decided to just go with it, and do two strands held together, like originally stated. However, this meant that I had about 2/3rds the yarn I needed.

Each skein of Tosh Chunky is 165 yards. The pattern on Ravelry stated that it needs 1444 yards. Since I had only planned to do one strand at a time of the chunky, not two worsted, I decided to half that. Since I wanted to be safe, I rounded up a bit and went with 7 skeins (1155 yds). So, when I realized that I needed to do two strands together, I went on and ordered 2 more skeins. Giving me a total of 1485 yards. All should be good, right?

I cast on, and started knitting. It hit me that my yarn wasn’t going as far as I had hoped. I had done less than 20 rows, and had nearly exhausted two balls of yarn. Considering that I only owned nine balls, that wasn’t going to work out. I check again on Ravelry. Yep, 1444 yards required. Hmmm…

So I popped open my pattern and looked…


Worsted Weight Yarn

44 Ounces (1250 grams, 3015 yards)

What the heck?!? That is not the same at all! That puts me at about nine skeins short of this blanket. Also known as, half the amount of yarn. I instantly rushed on to the website to order more… there were only three skeins left and (I was warned) they don’t match in dye lot. I ordered them anyway in hopes that the two strands held together will do a good job of blending the different dye lots. However, I am still missing six skeins that I need.

I could order them from another site, but because of the Yarnathon, I would rather get them from Eat.Sleep.Knit. Which leaves me waiting until more is in stock. I think it will all work out, but this leaves me feeling a little anxious.

Also, I’m stunted on the project because, since I will be blending dye lots, I don’t want to add on more yarn in the first lot without the new lot to blend with.

Luckily, I have plenty of other projects I can be working on but I’m sad that I can’t continue my pretty purple throw. I’m also sad about spending twice as much on yarn for this as I had originally planned but, c’est la vie.

The start of the Comfy blanket

The start of the Comfy blanket

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