The Blanket Everyone’s Making

I’ve been hearing about it. You’ve probably been hearing about it. Maybe you or someone you know is even making it. Everyone seems to be buzzing about the Beekeeper Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a blanket comprised of little “hexipuffs”. I think that the general idea is to use leftover sock yarn. Each puff only takes a little fingering weight so, if you’re a big sock knitter, I could see how this would be a nice, ongoing project for you. Every time you finish a pair of socks and have some scraps leftover, you whip up a hexipuff and, eventually, you’ll have a blanket.

I’m oddly drawn to this pattern (as are many others, considering the 5674 projects on Ravelry), however, I am not a sock knitter. There are no little scraps of sock yarn laying around my home to use up (Problem 1). Also, even if there were, I am not a fan of this controlled chaos where every little puff is a different color. I really like things to match. I mean really. My entire bedroom is done in purples*. It’s not even like I have a few coordinating shades and one is purple. No, it’s all purple. But I digress…

So that would mean, if I were to make it, I would need to buy a load of sock yarn to start making puffs. Which takes away the handiness of it being made as a method for utilizing scrap yarn. I saw that some online shops offer bags of mini-skeins that you could use for it, like this one at Eat.Sleep.Knit. Although then we’re back to the situation of colors not matching (problem 2).

I have also seen a kit for it at Jimmy Bean’s Wool that does come in coordinating colors. That’s more my thing. However, there’s also the concern with my ability to stick with a project for the extended period of time it would take to knit the nine million (give or take) puffs that comprise the blanket (problem 3). I can have a really short attention span for projects. The only thing about the Beekeeper Quilt that might help with that is that maybe each completed hexipuff would give me a sense of instant gratification.

Now, once you have the puffs all knit up, and your home is practically overflowing with little fiber-filled, yarn nuggets, you have to sew them together (problem 4). Oh goodness, how I hate sewing projects together. First of all, I have no finesse for this. I mean really, my seams look a little like you let a child hack away at them with some yarn. Sewing each little puff together sounds maddening.

I finished a knit throw blanket in December and, let me tell you, it’s a little on the heavy side. Wool isn’t the lightest material once it’s all looped together. Throw in the fiberfill, and this Beekeeper Quilt sounds like a hefty blanket. That doesn’t seem like something I would use around my home (problem 5). I’m always warm so I like light blankets. Has anyone made it and found it to be a heavyweight?

Each puff is made by knitting in the round (problem 6). I am really not a fan of double pointed needles. They make me feel awkward and bumbling.

Even with all those issues, I am still weirdly intrigued by this blanket.



*Every time I think about my all-purple room it reminds me of the children’s movie Wee-Sing in Sillyville. The little town has divided according to what color everyone wears. So there is a gypsy like woman who wears all purple and has a purple house. Her name is Pasha and I am becoming her. I wanted to find a picture of her, but the best I could do is this video.



13 thoughts on “The Blanket Everyone’s Making

  1. My neighbor makes this quilt. It’s kind of never done. She has used the puffs as an opportunity to try color work and different kinds of things like that. The only cool thing she does with it is stuff a little lavender in some of the puffs so the blanket smells awesome πŸ™‚ I have not even attempted to start this blanket. That being said, I LOVE most of the tiny owl knit patterns. I have the where the wild things are sweater, I love to whip up the bed knobs cowl for gifts in fall and winter and I am working up deciding to get the woodsy association book πŸ˜‰ good luck if you decide to start the beekeeper quilt! As in sure you know there’s support groups in place for this thing, which tells me…maybe I won’t ever start it πŸ˜‰

  2. Realistically, the last thing I need to do is take on a new, large project. I have more than enough going. I’ve also wondered how it would come out in a Worsted yarn or something that would churn out larger puffs and make the blanket even heavier. I know some people who are sock knitters that are doing this blanket and, you’re right, it’s never ending. I’m not good with projects like that.
    Tiny Owl Knits does have really great patterns. I have several in my favorites but I’ve yet to make them

  3. I’m making it, and I’m just assuming it will take years and not pressuring myself about it… just working on it when I’m in between projects. I’m embroidering personalized things into it, like my kids and my pets and other memories, to make it like an heirloom quilt to pass down. The sewing up looks really easy, you just thread a single piece of yarn through the corners where 3 hexis meet, and tie it with a double knot, like a quilt tie (they show on the underside of the quilt). That way, if one gets dirty or needs replacing, you can just untie it. I think it would be fun to see it made with really chunky yarn and big hexis. I’m sure it would go a lot faster. I also love purple, and I bet it would be really pretty in just varying shades of purple. If you had some thinner or thicker yarn, you could just double the thinner yarn. I’ve been doing that with some lace-weight yarn to make the sizes even out, or using smaller needles with thicker yarn. I’m also noticing lots of people giving up on making a whole quilt, and turning it into a cushion instead… it may come to that for me… we’ll see. πŸ™‚

  4. I have been working on this off and on for months and it may never end! It has become the project where if I need to feel like I have actually accomplished something, I make a puff and call it a day! I kind of love how it can grow and grow, a magically little project with no end. Love Tiny Owl Knits, they came out with a new pattern today as well! Booties!!

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  7. I kind of agree with your ‘problem’ with the beekeepers quilt. I love the idea of all those hexipuffs and I like the idea of using up leftover yarn (who doesn’t have a secret stash of leftover yarn?!), but I too am not a sock knitter. I was wondering if there was a similar project of hexagonal shapes that you don’t fill where you could use a heavier yarn, make less shapes than nine million (your number, not mine!) and not fill the shapes so the blanket is slightly lighter in weight. Any ideas?

  8. I love looking at the versions of this project on Ravelry however I totally agree with your reasons as to why this should be avoided like the plague. Tiny Owl is a genius. I love all her work. I also avoid jigsaw puzzles for the same reason, too many fiddly bits, where to put it before it’s finished…? I get bored with anything on thinner than worsted yarn far too quickly, and the colours would have to coordinate, you’re right on all fronts!

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