Yarny Goodness

(Alternately titled Yarn Porn)

Knit night put me in a very knitty mood. I can’t knit at work, but I am stuck in front of a computer at work so my compromise is to look at patterns and yarn online.

Today I got on a kick about yarn-of-the-month clubs. I’ll probably do another post on it later, so I’ll leave that topic for now. What I want to talk about is this tasty sexy gorgeous yarn I found from Sundara.

The colors are gorgeous and the textures look absolutely pet-able. And, to make matters worse, their named after food. Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Drop. Is anyone else’s mouth watering yet?

The colors run until May 31 and are available in a variety of yarn weights and fibers. Although that $70 a skein cashmere calls to me, I will probably have to me more realistic and go for the $19 merino. I think $70 would be more than I’ve ever paid for a skein of yarn. By all means though, you should totally get it, knit it up, and give me the product.

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