New Projects

Why is it when I:

  1.  have several projects on the needles
  2. Have materials purchased for multiple future projects
  3. Need to be reading, not knitting, for reviews I have to write
  4. Still have two major papers for grad school due

Do I constantly look for new projects to knit that would require buying more yarn?

Here’s the progression my thoughts have taken. I was chatting with a friend about the Turtle Cardigan I just finished and she expressed that she would love more hand-knits for her kiddos.  I adore her children so I am more than happy to oblige. Besides, I have already had a project for her daughter picked out.

Anya turns 3 in January and I was thinking of making the Sweet Tee pattern for her from some extra red yarn I have that was left after I finished my grandmother’s Christmas blanket. I love the Berroco Vintage DK and how it works up, and the Cherry red is perfect for a little sweater tee. Not to mention, she would get it as a birthday gift plus be able to wear it for Valentine’s.

So I have that planned out, and have for awhile. However, it got me thinking that her son’s birthday is coming in September, so I really should pick out something for him. I have the Berocco Comfort DK yarn that I selected for a hoodie. The hoodie was originally going to be for the future baby that will now be receiving the Turtle set, but outstanding circumstances with the yarn store I ordered from (see my post Disappointing) have made it to where I don’t have enough yarn. I could still get it in time for the hoodie for Roman’s 1st. The pattern I like is Little Hoodlum.

So far, so good. Right? I’m planning projects to use up the yarn I already have and covering gifting occasions. Well, while looking around on Ravelry, I looked through my project notebook. Now, I’m not great about updating it (at all) and I had a project in there that I ended up frogging. My Mom knit this awesome, plush, basket weave baby blanket that I am very envious of. It made me want to knit one even though her’s is intended for my future child (someday, maybe). So I found a pattern and I had decided I should knit it in a nice, soft yellow.  I went to a major chain store for yarn (I wasn’t quite an LYS convert yet) and found the color I wanted. I got it home and started knitting but was very unsatisfied with the start. The yarn was very splitty and looked cheap when knit up. So I decided to try a local yarn store for something better. The shop didn’t really have the color I was picturing. Everything was too dark, dingy, or bright. I settled on some Wendy Peter Pan Velvet Touch yarn because the store owner basically talked me into it. I didn’t think she really had enough in stock, but she swore it would be. I wasn’t crazy about the texture of the yarn, even though it’s soft, because it’s kind of a fuzzy ribbon. I knit the border and half of the first row of squares before deciding that it wasn’t making the thick, defined pattern that I had envied about my Mom’s.

Disheartened, I gave up on the blanket. However, now I’m thinking I might like to give it another shot with a different yarn. I want something like this.

But I really don’t need to go yarn shopping. Right? RIGHT?

Someone stop me…


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