Several weeks ago I went to Jennings Street to purchase gender neutral yarn for a baby sweater. After leaving, I decided to get a second skein of each color to give me more options of what to make. Jennings Street was out of one color and said it was on backorder so I decided to search around online for the skeins. I found all three colors from the same website and decided to order them. I also threw in yarn for another sweater I’m interested in making. Gladly hit “Pay” and started picking out patterns. That was March 31.

Flash to April 17 and it hits me… what happened to that yarn? Besides an automated confirmation email and the money getting taking from my account, I hadn’t heard a word about about. So I email the seller, assuming there’s been a mix up.

April 20. Still no reply email. I paid with PayPal so I decided that I had no choice but to file a complaint.

And today, April 24. The seller never replied to my email and they never replied to the PayPal dispute, so I had to escalate it to a claim.

I’m not naming the seller because I’d still like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they could still get it together and have a legitimate excuse. However, this whole thing really has killed my enthusiasm for the two sweaters I had planned. Especially since, this isn’t my first time dealing with PayPal disputes and I’ve yet to have it work out well. Usually, after the seller hasn’t responded for 10 days, PayPal refunds you the money. So I’m thinking I still won’t end up with the yarn I want and I’ll have to find somewhere else to get it.

That said, I finished the cardigan I’ve been knitting (which is why you haven’t heard from me in awhile). I’ll post pictures as soon as I sew the buttons on and give it to the recipient. Other reasons you haven’t heard from me include it being the end of the semester and I’m incredibly busy and that I’ve been working on my writing.

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