DFW Fiber Fest Fun

This weekend is the DFW FIber Festival in Grapevine. It happened that I was off Friday and my Mom was able to sneak away from work for a few hours so we went. We stopped at Spring Creek Barbecue on the way (which was yum) and then set off to shopping! I didn’t get to do any classes because they filled up so early and I don’t get my work schedule enough in advance, but we still went to the vendor area.

My Mom is the type of knitter who likes to have a project in mind before buying yarn. She does have a meager yarn stash, but mostly she buys specifically to make a certain item. She especially likes to see an example item or maybe the picture of the pattern and then try to make something just like that. For example, she saw the red blanket I made for my grandmother and decided to make a similar red blanket. Although, once she realized the blanket was (nearly) all stockinette, she changed to a basketweave motif. But I digress. Since she is this type of knitter, going to a big room of yarn, without a pattern in mind, wasn’t really for her.

We did a big loop of the vendors, got some tea, and then went back to purchase. She ended up with only a little project bag from The Knitting Fairy, because it had cowboy boots on it. Now, please keep in mind, this is a woman who owns a quilt fabric shop (which has a ton of cowboy themed stuff) and could sew up a little drawstring pouch like this in about 2 minutes. But she saw the little bag and wanted it.

She bought me a bag at the same time because I was charmed by the little purple elephants. Purple being my favorite color and all. The bag is small, about the size for a sock project, but I’m planning to do some purple hats for Period of Purple Crying so they’ll easily fit in there.

Little Project Bag. Reminds me of Dumbo

Little Project Bag.
Reminds me of Dumbo  

Both bags were from That Semifero Grrl.

My mom also got a little tin of hand lotion, but other than that she resisted. She almost went back from some Malabrigo yarn she saw but changed her mind at the last minute.

I was not as strong.

I was doing good in not buying much for all of the vendors. There was yarn, bags, pottery, baskets, knitting accessories, and lots of fiber. I don’t spin, but all the soft, fluffy fiber made me want to take it up even more.

The we got to the last vendor we looked at. They had yarn from their own alpacas. There was a sample of a cool beaded scarf that I liked and decided I could make. It was pricey since it had the yarn, beads, and some notions and since the yarn was hand spun alpaca. Let me just say, I love alpaca. The yarn was such airy, spring colors. I couldn’t resist.



From the same booth, I picked up another kit of alpaca yarn that is for weaving an irish spring scarf. I have a loom that I’ve only made about two things on. They were pretty ugly. I’m hoping the kit will encourage me to get back on the loom and make a pretty, soft scarf. All the yarn is from Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch and the yarn and kits are sold by WC Mercantile. 

So you can see the yarn and beads for my scarf

So you can see the yarn and beads for my scarf

Irish Spring Scarf

Irish Spring Scarf

Kit for loom weaving

Kit for loom weaving










I also just had to get some awesome Tenino yarn from Brooks Farm Yarn. It’s a mix of tencel and merino that is vaguely shiny and soft. I had heard of Brooks Farm doing trunk shows at The Knitting Fairy but I had never gone. I was so impressed by their wares that I will definitely go next time! I also picked up a scarf pattern to go along with the yarn. The photo doesn’t do the beautiful mauve color justice. I’m really excited to use it.

Tenino and scarf pattern

Tenino and scarf pattern

There was some other yarn from Brooks Farm that I really liked but didn’t get and now I’m regretting it. They haven’t posted it on their website so I don’t have an alternate way to get it.

I also pulled three paper grocery sacks of yarn to donate at the Fest that I accidentally left at home. Technically  one of the sacks is from takeout so it’s bigger that a grocery sack. It was a lot of yarn, but I decided to clear out my cheaper yarn (chair store type yarn) because I don’t think I’ll use it. Experience has taught me that using the best materials available makes for the best product.

I’m off tomorrow and it is the last day of the Fest so I am considering running back up there (Grapevine isn’t that far from Arlington, right?) to get the other skien of yarn from Brooks Farm and drop off my donations. I’m going to use donating a heap of yarn as my justification. That’s ok, right?

Plus, I could also check around about where to learn to spin.

Other plans for Sunday include possibly adding other piercing to each ear with my friend Emily (I’ve always wanted 3 lobe rings) and writing up a ethnographic research report and a grant proposal.

Another random note about Fiber Fest: it made me want to hang out with an alpaca. They’re fluffy, soft and have cute muppet faces.

Surprise Alpaca!

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