Since I completed the star hat, I needed a new project to cast on. Not that I didn’t already have two on the needles, but I’m not loving those, so I wanted something different.

I went into the craft room (a.k.a yarn room) to get some inspiration. I’ve had this Debbie Macomber Blossom Street yarn hanging around for awhile that I intend to make a little cardigan out of. The color is called Juneau, but it is basically gray with bits of teal. When I bought it, I fantasized about a baby sized cardigan with teal buttons. I went in to retrieve the yarn and some needles and what did I see…

It's so pretty and spring colored

It’s so pretty and spring colored

Marsh Grass silk and rayon twist.

Marsh Grass silk and rayon twist.

My Blue Heron silk and rayon twist yarn in Marshlands. It’s so beautiful and silky and shiny, it just drew me in. I didn’t have a pattern picked out so I ended up spending most of the day hunting for patterns on Ravelry, and not actually knitting. I do this fairly often.

According to the tag (and the Ravelry page for the yarn), it’s an Aran weight. So I was looking for patterns that would work. After casting on a scarf on size 7 needles, I realized something was off. The texture was coming out far too loose. I ended up comparing the yarn to the Blossom Street yarn (which is a DK) and realizing it was lighter than that. I decided to treat it as a lighter yearn (more like fingering) and look for patterns accordingly. By the time I actually found one that might work, it was nearly bedtime and I didn’t really feel like knitting.

Oh temptation, how you distract me.

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