Not Much Knitting

I haven’t been around the blog in over a week because, honestly, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve knit. Now, there has been a WIP on my bed at all times, and one in my purse. Occasionally, one will get moved to the living room as though it might receive some attention, but I just haven’t knit. It’s odd, normally when I have a project I particularly like, I want to work on it as much as possible. I like the green hat I’m working on. The pattern is nice and easy, the yarn is beautiful, and the only drawback I’ve really had is that there’s a lot of seed stitching or ribbing and, as a throw knitter, I don’t like alternating between knit and purl. It doubles the motions I have to make to move the yarn forward or back and then throw it. I’ll admit this does deter me somewhat, but not enough to explain my lack of knitting.

That being said, the last week has been tiring and busy with other things, which could explain my yarn drought. I’ve done a lot of reading. However, that doesn’t get reflected on the blog because, in spite of my attempt to link my Goodreads account to here, it has yet to work out. My reviews aren’t exactly so profound that they’re worth the extra step of copying them over to here. Books I’ve finished lately include Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt, Seeing is Believing by Erin McCarthy, Matched by Ally Condie, and Spells and Stitches by Barbara Bretton. The last is a knitting themed book, at least.

The other thing I’ve done with the last week is once a month cooking. I got the idea from the site Once a Month Mom, which is fantastic, even for not-moms. They have some fantastic monthly meal plans that you can customize to how many people you’re cooking for. They even give you a shopping list, labels, and step by step instructions for how to most effectively prepare the meals. I did the diet menu for March and their helpful tools were well worth the small subscription price. I now have a freezer full of meals for the month. It took me the better part of Monday to prepare them all, plus several hours Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday for shopping, prep work, and some final recipes that I was too tired to make on Monday.

Now that all that cooking is done, and I’m only reading one book, you’d think I could go back to knitting the green hat.

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