So Tiny

Wee Tiny Sock Kits

  Wee Tiny Sock Kits

I ordered the Wee Tiny Lucky Sock Kit and a Wee Tiny Black Cat Sock Blocker from the Brave Little Knitter on Esty and they just came in. On the left in the photo is the kit for the Lucky sock. The yarn looks like it’s glowing because it is so fuzzy. The bag is little notions to make the tiny sock. In the center is the Cat Sock Blocker and on the right is a pencil and some yarn that was a special bonus. If you figure that the pencil is normal pencil sized, you’ll realize how tiny these really are. I’ve only attempted to knit one sock, which was me-sized, and I hated it. But, I’m thinking that making one tiny sock to hang on my bulletin board might be less infuriating and certainly take less time. Since the seller threw in the extra mini-hank of yarn I’ll most likely use that for the second sock to put on the blocker. The seller also sent me a years worth of Wee Tiny Sock patterns (since there was a delay in my shipping) so if I like this then I have plenty more to make.

The Lucky Sock example photo

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