Thing for Green

I am currently working on a new hat. This one is an awesome pattern called Hollywood Boulevard by Alexandra Tinsley of Dull Roar. The yarn is Classy With Cashmere by Dream in Happy Forest. 

I picked the pattern because I love the star motif that is created by the decreases on the adorable little tam. The example was done in some Malabrigo and I wanted something with a similar hand dyed look. When I went shopping, I couldn’t find anything I really loved. I picked the Classy because it was hand dyed and had a nice rich green color. Now, I’m not a big fan of green but I figured I could give it to my friend Sara, who loves green. As it turns out, Sara never wears hats… Never fear! I’m sure I know someone who will love it.

Or maybe I’ll keep it for myself. As soon as I cast on, I started falling in love with this yarn. I haven’t even really made it far enough to see how the pattern will look, I just enjoy the soft, stretchy yarn. The green color is really growing on me. It’s just so lush and woodsy. The fact that it is called Happy Forest doesn’t hurt.

I was reading Matched by Ally Condie (a book I’ve heard very mixed reviews on, but I’m giving a shot) and when I set it down to go to sleep, albeit far too late for a work night, it hit me how green the cover of the book is and how green the hat is. I guess I’m in a green mood. Maybe its because St. Patrick’s is right around the corner.

Matched by Ally Condie and a new hat

Matched by Ally Condie and a new hat

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