Finished Projects: The World’s Pinkest Hat

So last night I decided to skip what would’ve been my first trip to the knit night at Starbucks ( I was feeling bummed from some bad news) and stayed home to power through and finish the hat I was working on. The pattern is Capucine by Adela Illichmanova and I knit it in Cascade 128 that I dyed with Kool-Aid.

The pattern is super easy to follow and knit up pretty quickly. I don’t like mine nearly as much as the example photo for the pattern, but it was fit for bulky weight yarn and I was eager to knit up what I had dyed. The hat is kind of kooky and looks cute on but I’ll be giving it away. I just don’t like pink that much, but I’m sure I know someone who does.

I may make another of these eventually since it was quick and easy. I would really like to make one more like the example.


It's looking less pink here

It’s looking less pink here

Borrowed from the Ravelry page for the pattern.


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