Finished Projects: Big Baby Blanket

I just finished my long paper for class, so I wanted to get a little post out tonight.

This is a blanket I finished over the summer that I particularly liked. The pattern is a simply corner-to-corner design I improvised. It really couldn’t be any easier. You just cast on two stitches, and then knit every stitch, increasing each row via yarn over until you’ve used up all your yarn. The you start decreasing. The yarn is Big Baby by Muench in Melon Mix.  This made for a nice, colorful, summer project. As you can see, I reserved some of my yarn to add tassels. I haven’t decided who this blanket will go to yet. I told some of my close, female friends that the first one to produce female offspring gets it.

The colors remind me of a rainbow snow cone.

Close up of the snow cone colors

Close up of the snow cone colors

Corner to Corner Blanket

Corner to Corner Blanket


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