Finished Projects: New Orleans Hat

The New Orleans Hat

The New Orleans Hat

This is my New Orleans Hat that I recently finished. The pattern is the Knit Night Hat by Judy Marples made in Malabrigo Rios yarn. The color is Zarzamora which is Spanish for blackberry. Which is a fantastic color name for this. Have I mentioned purple is my favorite color?

I call it my New Orleans hat because I purchased the yarn from the Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter of New Orleans two years ago. It was my first ever fancy yarn purchase (meaning not from Joann’s or Michaels) and I didn’t even know how to knit at the time. I searched for crochet patterns for awhile to use with it, but in the end, I just left it still wrapped up in the store packaging (they wrap each skein in tissue paper and sprinkle it with little paper heart confetti). That is, until I found the pattern on Ravelry that was actually intended for that exact yarn. It was kismet.

I don’t think it photographs well but I am incredibly pleased with how it looks on and I can’t take a not-awkward photo of me in the hat. Now I just need to finish the second fingerless glove to match.

I really hope I’ll get to go back to NOLA soon and visit the Quarter Stitch again. It was such a charming shop. In fact, the Yarn Harlot herself even wrote a post about it. 

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