Perfect Timing!

Just as I was plotting out how I am going to leave work at 5:30, drive from Arlington to Fort Worth, hit Madtosh for some undyed yarn before they close at 6:30, and then make it to Jennings Street Yarn before 7:00, I got a call that my new needle set is in! Perfect timing!

I currently own the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz set and I love them. They’re wooden, interchangeable, circular needles. I particularly love the varying colors for each size.

A photo of my set from Knitter’s Pride’s website.

Since I love those so much, but I really wanted a set of slick, metal needles, I decided to get the Knitter’s Pride Nova set. The people at Jennings Street Yarn were nice enough to special order them for me (which meant I could use my gift certificate). I’m really excited they came in on the day I was already planning a trip to Jennings for a replacement needle.

The new set. Image from the Knitter’s Pride website

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