Blog Graveyard

This is not my first foray down the road of blogging. Previously I started a blog called It’s…Witchcrafted. I basically decided to post anything and everything I thought of and then, as with happens with most blogs, I lost interest. I went back today and read some of the posts and it was kind of fascinating. My most recent posts were about finishing the craft room, adopting a hamster, and school.

Since that blog fizzled out, much has changed. The craft room did get finished but, since I stopped making fairy houses, it is mostly used for yarn storage and winding. The hamster passed away in January, but a year ago he gained two gerbil neighbors. As for school, I completed my undergrad, taught high school, and am now working on my master’s degree.

However, the most interesting thing was a post where I casually mentioned having purchased knitting needles and a book to teach myself to knit. Well, the process wasn’t as easy as past-me thought. I crocheted then, but knitting was a whole new challenge. I tried to teach myself, but got frustrated. I tried to learn from my mom, but couldn’t pick it up. After a respite, I ended up taking a knitting class, and I finally got it.

Now, what was different that last time? Well, the first two times I attempted to learn to knit continental which is, it would seem, just not my thing. In class I was taught to throw knit and things finally clicked. Man, how that changed things.


This is just a random doodle of me by one of my coworkers.


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